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Something I find funny about the game

Vault Boy

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You know that huge Still Creek billboard?


You know the achievement for killing 1000 zombies?


the billboard says the population is 753, how can you kill 1000 out of 753 people (I got the acheevo, but still)


just something that bothered me


people getting stopped fleeing from vegas, guess that could add up the numbers.

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The statement about people fleeing from another city is true, but also think they had built a quarantine camp there. Scientists/doctors/soldiers were all there trying to control the outbreak and all got infected. I'm pretty sure with that big of a mess there'd be more than a few armed guards there!

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that is a bit strange :S. Still they could be from surrounding towns or cities..


ye as i said as they were fleeing the vegas outbreak its prolly on one of the roads of of town your going to least get a decent amount of people to pour in to it, also if they changed the sign after each few new people in town be costly so it could also be old.

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Well... I was "almost" going to start a thread about this, but tried a search to see if someone else had noticed what I did. I thought it was odd that it bothered the OP that the zombies keep coming (apparently, he's never played space invaders, either).


It's a video game. The achievement wasn't to "Eliminate the zombie population of Still Creek."


I did think it was funny that the sign at the edge of town reads, "POP 753" - considering the achievement. Obviously... the Chamber of Commerce is a little behind on updating the sign! :p

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