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Grrrr Goals


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It seems for some reason as soon as I entered the 3rd offline tournament I can only score 1 goal in the first game then I'm out. (My team is rated 3.5 stars) I get 15-25 shots per game, the other team takes 2-3 shots and scores on all 2-3.

I've tried one-timing, passing sucks (get 2 passes then they intercept from out of nowhere), slapshots from numerous positions, wrists, wraparounds, and rebounds. It seems that ever shot I take is magnetically attracted to the center of the goalie or a post. I keep trying to do the tips that were shown in practice but they aren't working.

Any help would be great!


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I know how you feel. Every shot I take in the game, they get intercepted. And when I do a wrap around to an open corner on the net, the goalie all of a sudden grabs the puck out of thin air. Im sitting here saying, "How the hell did he do that?"


The goalie in the net seems to be lighting quick in the net. I can get alot of shots on the goalie, but I can never score. I do slapshots & I get no goals. I do Wrist shots, out every once in awhile I get a goal.


I've tried everything & I cant seem to score.

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I personally find this NHL easier to score than 10. Playing the single player HUT tournaments, I averaged between 5 and 6 goals per game (and I usually just kill time for the 3rd period). The most effective way for me is to beat the defense and go 1 on 1 with the goalie. 80% of the time I will score in a 1 on 1. Just make use of the new loose puck dekes and the AI is easy to get around.


There is also that infamous wrist shot from 10 that is still here in 11. The one where you cut across the middle with the puck on your forehand and than try to curl the shot around the goalie. Its easy to do but hard to explain in text. But I am sure you have seen it done plenty of times if you ever play online.


Another easy way is to go on the forehand around the net like you are going to do a wraparound, but then stop just when you pass the goal line and try to squeeze it top shelf. If the goalie leaves room off the post at all you should be able to make it in. There are plenty of other ways to score but these 3 are fairly easy and consistent once perfected.


There is another way to score but I find it VERY difficult to explain. But it works almost all the time, even online. If you have a left handed shot, skate behind the net on the right and come out the left side. Go at about a 45 degree angle in front of the net back towards the right faceoff circle, all the while holding the puck on your back hand. Once you see the goalie start to move, spin the right stick clockwise and your guy will spin around and do a quick wrist shot top shelf. This works right handed just do it opposite. You can also do this without ever going behind the net. Just skate from left to right with the puck on your back hand and wait till there's an opening. Very easy and very effective move.

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i actually just finished playing my first HUT tournament. it was on rookie difficulty so i would be able to get as many pucks as possible. the first 2 games of the tourney i outscored my opponents 13 -2. my second game i almost lost.


By the 3rd period i was losing 1-0. With less than 5 min left i finally scored only to have them come right back and get a goal from a cheap slapper from the point. with under a minute left and my goalie pulled i was finally able to score and tie it up. in overtime i scored the winner 22 seconds after the opening faceoff. .....I out-shot them (team Switzerland) 55-11.


i find not only that game to be ridiculous in every way but also that it was on the easiest setting. im good enough to play on all-start difficulty in be a GM mode and can hold my own online. if a "rookie" were to play this game they wouldnt stand a chance even on the easiest setting. overall i find the scoring system a bit unfair. On rookie difficulty i usually average about 40 shots a game and allow less than 10 shots against. on average i scored around 5 goals a game but give up at least 2 against. the percentages dont add up; especially considering that all my shots are high shots while the cpu only gets a couple good chances a game.


still, the games great but it still has things holding it back imo.


I won the final game easily 5-1 btw.

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I honestly think this is the hardest game yet to score on. The goalies are godlike no matter what their ratings are. I understand if you shoot it at the goalie they should stop it, but they pull some amazing saves left and friggin right, no matter the setting.


You can tell the differences in the difficulty modes only in the cpu skaters abilities, but the goalies are always walls.

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i average 8 a game vs single...


Easy ways to score (according to me)


NEAR POST!. High Slap shot from either of the offensive face off dots high and near... If you have the ability to watch the goalie as you skate, when you pull your stick back, wait for him to drop and it will sail over his shoulder for a goal.


Deflections. Have your offense set to crash the net and cycle the puck (like real hockey), once your forward line is in front of the keeper have one of the defenders blast a slapper, high or low, doesnt matter... i get one or two like this game... also a good way to try and get the review achievement



Breakaways. 3-4 a game. using the backhand to sneak it far post as you come across the slot is an easy goal too... but as someone said above, these dekes are usual this year and really do screw up the defense... i like the kick deke (down and LB) and my guy usually flys by... if you dont know how to score on a breakaway, here is my technique... Left Deke to DOWN to right then hold upper right (wrister)... works 80% of the time and 100% of the time that you do it right..

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Single player goals are ridiculously easy. (Hint: Pull the right stick back for a nice wrist shot with some kick! Always goes in for me with a sniper.)


However, online is extremely stupid. You can be the better player and the guy will just skate around in circles until you make a mistake on defense and he just scores. It's a cheap method of scoring and it honestly kills the game.

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