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Anybody else getting disconnected from EA?


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Yeah. EA Sports servers blows. Just dont contact them & say that theres something wrong with their servers, because they will say, "No. Theres something wrong with your internet connection." Trust me. Its happend to me before when I played NASCAR 09 online with a league I was in.


Another game where I would get kicked off of EA Sports servers was Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. I would be playing the LIVE TOURNAMENTS & I would get the boot from the servers. I contacted their Live Agent & they would tell me it was my internet connection. They also told me to reset my routers & what not. I told them it wasnt my internet connection, if it was, "I wouldnt be on here talking to you, duh!"


Their tech support is a joke. They are quick to blame your internet connection before they would say its their servers thats screwed up.


EA Sports NEVER takes the blame for their shitty servers.

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So i got disconnected from EA during a finals match...this mean i lose the tournament and reduces my reliability which means i earn less EA pucks in the future and lose 4 played games with my players? This is really really stupid and ridiculous. I guess EA wants us to spend all of our money on cards packs

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