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combo cards WONT appear


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i'm not really sure of the difference between the 2 but i m talkin about the achievement related ones


combo cards are fully coloured telling you exactly what you need to make the item with x2 pp on the card, a scratch card is red and white, giving you a basic outline of what is needed for the item. you won't get all combo cards in the demo only a few. rest will be scratch card.


you must build 1 combo wep and all combo weps which is like 9 in case zero in the same play through i think it was, its not hard to do them all. just put 30mins aside and its easy.


check your combo card list in the menu and see if your missing any.

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is anybody else having issues with the combo cards not appearing when you make the weapon combinations? i have made of all the weapons countless times and im still not gettin the cards for them.....

any ideas or anybody know what is going on


Checked your gamercard and saw you dont have the final achievement yet.


For the achievement:


Look at your combo cards and see if you have all 9 either as combo cards or scratch cards.


Drill Bucket - Drill + bucket

IED - Propane tank + nails

Molotov - whiskey + paper

Beer Hat - Construction hat + beer

Electic Rake - Rake + car Battery

Boomstick - Shotgun + pitchfork

Paddlesaw - Paddle + chainsaw

Spiked Bat - bat + nails


If your missing one of the above, you need to create it.

If you have them all try making the following items:


Drill Bucket






Drill Bucket, IED, and Molotov Combo Cards can be given to you when you level up, and the Boomstick combo card is given to you when you kill Jed. (just picking up Jed's weapon isnt enough to get you the achievement)


If that doesnt work, make 1 of every item in 1 playthrough (not sure if you have to do them all in 1 playthrough or not)

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ok, here we go guys, problem solved, just done it, i couldnt get it cause in the other post they were sayin nine but were only sayin eight, you can get the achievement RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME,BEING LVL 1 WITH ONLY SCRATCH CARDS(i erased my save and the game before tryin, to make sure of havin no data at all)

here the list :

drillbucket - drill + bucket

I.E.D - propane tank + nails

molotov - whiskey + newspaper

air horn - construction cone + spray paint, that was the one missing in the older post :-)

beer hat - construction hat + beer

electric rake - rake + car battery

boomstick - shotgun + pitchfork

paddlesaw - chainsaw + paddle

spiked bat - bat + nails

here you go, easy achievement at the beginning.....

by the way, pretty sure you can do all achievement in one game....(boomstick = 2500pp pts with the heavy hit), for the 1000 kills, use the garbage you push the bike in, should take you max 30 min, and for the cash, the slot machine in the casino and the restaurant beside the casino respawn after every loading of the safe house....hope this helped you guys, have fun :-)

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