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Legendary Weapons Trading


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I actually am wrapping up my very first play through and I have collected pretty much everything and I want to get not the weapons done but I also need help getting the multiplayer achievements. If any one is willing to help I play every day 9pm to 1am central time and my Gamertag is the same as my username. I’m playing on Xbox one via backwards compatibility.

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I am looking for the following weapons:



  • Beadle's Cutlass
  • Mr. Stabby 



  • Faerie Hammer of the Moon King
  • Jack's Hammer
  • Trollblight 



  • The Barnumificator 
  • Bloodcraver
  • Briar's Blaster
  • Desert Fury 
  • The Ice Maiden



  • Marksman 500
  • The Shrieking Pilgrim


I also need the three Xbox live achievements ( long distance relationship, cross dimension conception, online merger). 



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Hello everyone, I'm looking for the following weapons


Avo's Lamenation
Beadle's Cutlass
The Merchant's Bodyguard
Really Sharp Pair of Scissors
The Splade

Aurora's Shield
Faerie Hammer of the Moon King
Hammer of Wilmageddon
Jack's Hammer
Sorrow's Fist
The Tenderiser 

Briar's Blaster
Desert Fury
Dragonstomper .48
Holy Vengeance
The Ice Maiden
Reaver Industries Perforator

Defender of the Faith
Marksman 500
The Sandgoose
Simmon's Shotgun
Skorm's Justice
Swift Irregular


The ones that I don't mention are the ones that I own and I'll be glad to trade.


I'm also looking for some help with all the co-op achievements and Mistpeak Valley Demon Door.
My Gamertag: Chasenezz


Hope to hear from anyone soon

Thank you!

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