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Nearly Everything Dead Rising 2


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Before anything, i can confirm that you can still unlock achievements here multiple playthrough, however, each playthrough must all be on the same save file.

In other words, if you eat half the food list in one playthrough, and the other half in a 2nd, you will unlock the achievement. This does not apply to the gifts, they must be dont in one playthrough.



PrettyAverage has used my list to make a handy check list, what you can download from HERE.

Anyone with out word, can find ZakMcKracken's PDF version HERE


Magazines locatoins:


Heraldofkaos beat me and wrote up a guide to all the locations of the magazines, what can be found HERE


combo cards:

this guide tells you where/how to find the cards


cards acquired by leveling up:

(all these cards are acquired by leveling up and unlock at different times for different people)

Drill Bucket (power drill + bucket)

I.E.D (Box Of Nails + Propane Tank)

Molotov (whiskey + Newspaper)

Pole Weapon (push broom + Machete)

Air Horn (Pylon + Spray paint)

Gem blower (Gems + Leaf Blower)

Fountain Lizard (Liazrd mask + Fountain firework)

Hacker (flashlight + computer case)

Ripper (cement saw + Saw Blade)

Electric Chair (wheelchair + battery)

FLaming gloves (Boxing gloves + Motor Oil)

Heliblade (Toy Helicopter + machete)

Fire Spitter (Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch)

Beer Hat (construction Hat + beer)

Sticky Bomb (lawn dart + Dynamite)

Driller (power drill + spear)

Defiler (sledge hammer + Fire Axe)

Hail Mary (Football + Grenade)

Freezer Bomb (fire extinguisher + dynamite)

Knife gloves (bowie knife + boxing gloves)

Roaring Thunder (battery + Goblin)

Super Slicer (servbot mask + Lawn Mower)

Handy Chipper (wheelchair + lawn mower)

Dynameat (hunk of meat + dynamite)

Electric Rake (battery + leaf rake)

Parablower (leaf blower + Parasol)

Boomstick (Pitchfork + shotgun)

Auger (drill motor + pitchfork)

Infernal arms (training sword + Motor Oil)

Porta-Mower (2x4 + Lawn Mower)

Super B.F.G (blast Frequency gun + amplifier)

Tesla Ball (Bingo Ball Cage + Battery)

Spear Launcher (leaf blower + spear)

Blizkrieg (merc assault rifle + Electric Chair)



cards acquired from physcopaths:

what card + physco

Flamethrower (Brent Ernst) water gun + Gasoline canister

Rocket Launcher (Reed Wallbeck & Roger Withers) Rocket Fireworks + Lead Pipe


Cards Hidden in fortune city:

card + location

Burning skull - Silver strip: Fortune teller - spend $1,000,000 to unlock this (bull skull + Motor oil)

Lazer sword - Paradise Platinum Screen (Gems + flashlight)

BlamBow - Food court, between Wild West Grill house and Cucina donnacci (bow & arrow + dynamite)

Holy Arms - Atlantica casino, near the entrance to fortune park. (training sword + Box of Nails)

Freedom Bear - near the safe room in Yucatan casino (Robot Bear + LMG)

paddlesaw - Silver Strip, opposite Hot Excitorma (paddle + chainsaw)

Snowball cannon - palisades mall, near the maintenance room (fire extinguisher + water gun)

Tenderizers - royal flush plaza, near the entrance to amaricas casino (MMA gloves + box Of Nails)

Spiked Bat - Maintence room: Nearest to safe house - Build spikebat to unlock (Baseball bat + box of nails)


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3eWYHGy3Xw&feature=player_profilepage]YouTube - Dead Rising 2 - Curiously Inventive (All Hidden Combo Cards)[/ame]


cards from suvivors/side missions:


plate launcher - side mission: "tape it or die 1" (plates + cement saw)

Blazing Aces - rescuing left hand lance on side mission: "tape it or die 2" (tennis racquet + Tiki Torch)

Exsanguinator - rescuing wallace hertzdog on side mission: "tape it or die 2" (vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade)

power guitar - rescuing floyd stone on the side mission: "rock heroes" (Electric Guitar + Amplifier)



Secret card:


Wingman - Combine a Queen Bee with a Nector juice to create this hidden card

**Required for the "Curiously inventive" achievement**


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqfcDK9sVLY&feature=player_profilepage]YouTube - Dead Rising 2 - Tape It or DIE![/ame]

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Gifts for katey:


Giant stuffed elephant - Royal Flush Plaza's 1st floor: stylin' toddlers

Robot bear - Royal Flush Plaza's 1st floor: astonishing illusions

Bag of marbles - Royal Flush Plaza's 1st floor: ye old toybox

beech ball - Royal Flush Plaza's 1st floor: ye old toybox

stick pony - Royal Flush Plaza's 1st floor: ye old toybox

water gun - fortune parks watery area or moes maginations: platimun strip

giant stuffed bull - Royal Flush Plaza's 2nd floor: childrens castle

giant stuffed donkey - Royal Flush Plaza's 2nd floor: childrens castle

snowflake - feed the tiger 3 steaks (also unlocks "the skill to survive" achievement)

funny painting - palisades mall - the cleroux collection during the side mission "art appreciation"

giant stuffed rabbit - amaricana casino: hidden upper platforms or platinum strip: moes maginations.



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQ4L_u5l9DQ&feature=player_profilepage]YouTube - Dead Rising 2 - Father of the Year (All Gifts)[/ame]

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juice + combination


Energizer - Baked Potato + Baked Potato

Repulse - Bacon + Beans

Pain Killer - Bacon + Beer

Zombait - Cake + Cake

Untouchable - Bacon + Bacon

Spitfire - Burito + Burito

Nectar - Apple + Apple

Quick Step - Coffee + coffee

Randomizer - Beans + cookies



Locations Of Blenders


Americana casino - Shots & Awe

Platinum strip - Juggz Bar & Grill

silver strip - Pub o' gold

Food court - Rojo Diable Mexican Restaurant

Atlantica Casino - Sipparellos

Yucatan casino - baron von brathaus

palisades mall - grotto bar (1st floor)

Slot Ranch Casino - the bar


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2ZacRgGL28&feature=player_profilepage]YouTube - Dead Rising 2 - Look at All That Juice[/ame]

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Food court:





BBQ chicken

BBQ Ribs








Coffee Creamer





Ice cream


Large Soda


Onion Rings








Chris's Fine Food:




Orange juice







trash cans:


Spoiled Bacon

Spoiled BBQ chicken

Spoiled BBQ Ribs

Spoiled Fish

Spoiled Hamburger

Spoiled Hot Dog

Spoiled Lobster

Spoiled Steak

Spoiled Sushi




Random locations:


Cocktail - Shoal Nightclub: Yucatan casino

Baked Potato - Bennie Jack's BBQ shack: Americana Casino

Hot Dog - Various places around the platinum strip

Lobster - Atlantica casino

Snack - Snack machines: various places around fortune city

Sushi - Luaii Wauwii: Silver strip

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Americana casino:


north security office:


Dealer visor


The American History:

American Showman helmet

American Showman Jumpsuit

Fortune city Red shirt

White leisure suit


Shots & Awe:


casual beachwear


Palisades mall:


High-noon shooting Range (2nd floor):


Army jacket pants

Black military boots

Swat outfit

Swat Helmet


Beach body Swim House (1st floor):


Banana Hammock

tourist boat hat

surf wetsuit


KoKoNutz Sports Town (2nd floor):


Baseball cap sport

baseball uniform

Basketball high tops

Basketball uniform


Mid-Lenght T-Shirt Jeans **only available during the "tape it or die" side mission**

Sporty Track Suit

Tennis head band

Tennis outfit

White tennis shoes


Bagged (1st floor):


Black Dress Shoes

yellow sneakers


FairMoans (1st floor):


Blue hair

Pink hair


Space (2nd floor):


boardwalk apparel

Loud Summer Special

Yellow track suit


Kicks For Her (2nd floor):


Bunny slippers

White low Heals


For Your Leisure (1st floor):


Business casual

polo Shirt Blue Jeans



Que's Hats (2nd floor):



knit cap

Ladies hat

Russian Hat


Ultimate playhouse (1st floor):


funny servebot mask

Kid's Super Hero Costume


Kid's choice clothing (2nd floor):


Funny Zombie mask

kids super hero boots

Toddler Outfit


The venus touch (1st floor):


grey hair


Wallington's (1st floor):


highbrow ensemble



Trendy Cindy (1st floor):


knotted top cutoffs

summer dress


Shank's (1st floor):



shaved head


Finders Peepers (1st floor):


rocker glasses

Black rimmed glasses


Under the sea travels (2nd floor):


hula dress


Brand new U (2nd floor):


Tube Top Mini Skirt


Royal flush casino:


Universe of optics (1st floor):


sport glasses

aviator glasses

Yellow tinted glasses


The ShoeHorn (1st floor):


black canvas sneakers


Earmark Leather (2nd floor):


Black cowboy Boots

Black cowboy Hat

Black cowboy outfit

White cowboy Boots

White cowboy Hat

White cowboy outfit


Albert's Apparel (2nd floor):


collegiate ensemble

Plaid Suit


SporTrance (1st floor):


Football Helmet

football outfit


Wave of Style (1st floor):


full beard moustache


Childrens castle (2nd floor):


Funny goblin mask

Kid's super hero eye mask


Ye old Toybox (1st floor):


funny lizard mask


In the Closet (1st floor):


hip hop outfit

skater outfit


Roy Mart's (2nd floor):


hygiene mask


Astonishing illusions (1st floor):


novelty glasses


Stylin' toddlers (1st floor):


one-piece pajama


Hat racks (1st floor):


Wild frontier hat



Random locations:


Safe house :


Chuck's Locker:


bare feet



Platinum strip:


Souvenir kiosk:


baseball cap TIR


from fortune with love:



fortune city grey shirt

hawaiian holiday gear


Maintenance room:


south plaza:


blue grey work overalls


Fortune park:


flowered head piece ** in a bush near the central grotto**


Slot Ranch Casino:


Backstage area:


show girl head piece


Silver Strip:


Hot Excitorama:


Blue oyster biker outfit

Go-go boots

Mesh Party Wear


Moe's maginations:


knight boots


Yucatan Casino


Dealer outfit




champion jacket - Win a TIR match online

Hocky Mask - unlock the "Head Truma" achievement

Knight Armour - unlock the "Justice Served" achievement

Knight Helmet - win strip poker on the "ante up" side mission

Orange Prision Outfit - unlock the " Judge, Jury and Executioner" achievement

TIR helmet - win $1million in TIR online

TIR outfit - Wint $5million in TIR online

willamette mall security uniform - unlock the "hero of fortune city" achievement



Case Zero Exclusives:


bowling shirt

diner waitress

hunting jacket


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Melee Weapons


Here is a list of all the melee weapons in the game. they are located in various places around fortune city :)



Acoustic Guitar

Ad board


Bar Stool

Baseball Bat

Bass guitar


Battle Axe


Bingo Ball Cage

Bowie Knife

Bowling Ball

Boxing Gloves


Broad Sword

Broom Handle

Bull Skull

Cactus Plant

Cardboard box

Cash Register

Cement Saw

Centurion Bust


Chef Knife

Coffee Pot

Comedy Trophy **unique item: found in hot excitorama on the side mission: "two's company"**

Computer Case

Construction Helmet

Cooking Oil

Cooking Pot

croupier Stick


Cushioned Tall Chair


Donkey Lamp

Drill Motor

Drink Cart



Electric Guitar

Fancy Bench

Fancy small Chair

Fancy tall Chair

Fire Axe

Fire Extinguisher


Flower Pot

Foam Hand

Folding Chair

Garbage Bag

Garbage Can

Giant Pink Chainsaw **unique: found on "here comes the groom" after killing randy the physco**

Gift Shop Lamp

Gumball Machine



Highback Oak Chiar

Hockey Stick

Indoor Garbage Can

Katana Sword **unique: kill the psychos in case 4-1**





Large barrel

Large fern tree

Large planter

Large plotted plant

Large Vase

Large Wrench


LCD monitor

Lead Pipe

Leaf Rake

Long Stick


Magician sword ** unique: kill both psycho's during the "deadlist trick" side mission**


Mannequin female/Head/Arm/Leg/Torso

Mannequin Male/Head/Arm/Leg/Torso

Meat Cleaver

Medicine ball

Metal Barricade

Metal garbage Can

Mic Stand

Military Case

Mining Pick

MMA Gloves


Motor Oil

News Paper Box


Padded Blue Chair


Paint Can




Patio Chair

Patio Table


Plastic Bin

Plastic Garbage Can

Ply wood


Protestor Sign

Push Broom

Rotating Display

Roulette Wheel

Round Potted Plant

Sandwich Board


Serving trey

Shopping Boxes

Shower Head

Sledge Hammer

Small Fern Tree

small potted plant

small suitcase

small vase



spot light

Square Sign


steel shelving

step ladder

stone statue




table lamp

tikie torch


training sword

utility cart

vacuum cleaner

velvet bar

water cooler


yellow tall chair


Novelty Weapons


Bag of Marbles

Beach Ball


Cardboard Cutout

Casino Chips

Fancy painting

Funny paiting **found only during the "art Apperciation" side quest in cleroux collection**

Giant Die

Giant Stuffed bull

Giant Stuffed Donkey

Giant Stuffed Elephant

Giant Stuffed Rabbit

Goblin Mask

Hunk of Meat

Liberty torch

Lizard Mask


Novelty Beer Mug

Novelty Cell Phone

Novelty Liquor bottle

Novelty Perfume Bottle

Novelty Poker Chip


Playing Cards


Robot Bear

Servbot Mask

small painting

stick pony

tiki mask


toy helicopter

Toy Spitball gun

treasure chest

wacky hammer


zombie mask

whipped cream

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bit of a let down on the amount of guns, considering the list of the melee weapons took forever to write out



Assault Rifle

Blast Frequency Gun **only found in the secret underground lab**



Merc Assault Rifle


Six Shooter **can only be found on the "WWJWD" side missione

Sniper Rifle



Ranged Weapons:


Bow and Arrow

Basket ball

Box of Nails



Golf Club

Lawn Dart

Metal Baseball Bat

Music Discs


Saw Blade

soccer ball

Tennis racquet

vinyl records




again, the best zombie killing tools and not very many of them :(


acetylene tank



Fountain Firework

Gasonline Canister


Rocket Fireworks

Rocket Launcher **unique: found after being the psychos on the "Deadlist Trick" side mission**




Zombrex locations:


Americana Casino - 2nd floor in Bennie jacks BBQ shack: jump along the hanging lights

Royal Flush Casino - Roy Mart's - obtained during playing the game

Yucatan casino - jump off the minigame "Lucky Marble" to reach this one

Underground - between the entrance/exit and vehicle near the secret lab in the south/east section

Slot Ranch Casino - North stage: climb the crates and jump



You can get some free Zombrex from these side mission:

"Mail Order Zombrex"

"Demand And Supply"

"Code Blue"

"Hunger Pains"


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6NCfxmtCmc&feature=player_profilepage]YouTube - Dead Rising 2 - All Zombrex Stashes[/ame]

Special thanks to PowerPyx for all videos seen in both guides :)





Bike Modifications:


Green Spray Paint - american historium: paints bike green

Red Spray Paint - american historium: paints Bike Red

Blue Spray Paint - american historium: paints Bike Blue

USA Spray Paint - american historium: paints with an american theme

Purple Spray Paint - food court's central platform: paints bike purple

Wheelchair - Slot Ranch Casino: adds an extra seat for survivors/Co-op partner

LMG - Yucatan Casino: adds 2 machine guns to your bike with 250 bullets

Giant Stuffed Rabbit - Moe's Maginations: makes zombies flying

Chainsaw - "Angel Lust" stage - silver strip: adds 2 chainsaws for double to fun

Rocket fireworks - red glare + Lead pipe - Hot excitorama - adds rocket launcher, 150 shots, tho do be carefull, splash damage!

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Store Locations:


Americana casino:


Bennie Jack's BBQ shack

Shots & Awe

The american historium


Royal Flush Plaza:


Casuals Gals

In the Closet

The Man's Sport

The Shoehorn


Wave Of Style

Ye Olde Toybox

Marriage makers

Roy's Mart

Modern Businessman

Stylin' Toddlers

SporTrance (1st floor)

The Chieftain's Hut

Yesterday, Today & tomorrow

Hat Racks

Universe Of Optics

Three Club Monte

Astonishing Illusions

Sturdy Package

The Dark Bean

Albert's Appeal

Wily Travels


Estelle's fine-lady Cosmetics

Just in Time Payday Loans

Eternal Timepieces

Kathy's Space

Earmark Leather

Children's Castle

Small Fry Dudes

Rush Wireless



SporTrance (2nd floor)


Food Court:


Wild West Grill House

Cucina Donnacci

Cheesecale Mania


Hamburger Fiefdom

Rojo Diablo Mexican Resturant

Hungry Joe's Pizzeria

Speedy Expresso


Fortune City Arena:


Terror Togs

Hostile Zone


Yucatan casino:


Baron Von Brathaus

Shoal Nightclub


Palisades mall:


Finders Peepers


Ultimate Playhouse


Beach Body Swim house




The Venus Touch

KoKoNutz Sports Town (1st floor)

Chocolate Confession

For Your Leisure

Trendy Cindy

Entertainment Isle

Kicks For Her

Que's Hats

Brand New U

Ned's Knicknackery


Stan's Large Print Books & Magazines

Under The Sea Travels

Army Surplus Gift Store

Kids' Choice Clothing

The Cleroux Collection

Leigh's Fine Liquor

Sever Ties

Robsaka Digital

KoKoNutz Sports Town (2nd floor)

Everything Diamond

Chris' Fine Foods

Robsaka Mobile

High-Noon Shooting Range


Atlantica Casino:




Platinum Strip:


TIR Souvenir Kiosk

Cash Gorden's Casino

Juggz Bar & Grill

Paradise Platinum Screens

Moe's Magination's

Dining at Davey's

From Fortune With Love

TIR Souvenir Kiosk


Silver Strip:


Swept Away

One Little Duck Bingo


Barrel of Goods

Luaii Wauwii

Shamrock Casino

Pub O' Gold

Rockets Red Glare

Peep Hole

Hot Excitorama

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You might want to cross refrence with the map that was on here before to see what you missed etc.




The map is pretty complete, its still helpfull to have a list of which I can cross stuff off though, looking great so far.



been too busy writing this up to check.

besides, this is writen for X360A, not taking info from other websites.

also, i prefer a text guide over an interactive map any day. im sure alot of people will agree.

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I picked up a baked potato in Chris's Fine Foods, i didnt intentionally look for it lol Slappy chased me in there lol


there are a few items that are in more than one place. ive marked down the areas where have a higher stock :)


By the way, where can you find a baked potato? :D


the potato will be baking itself in the food court =P

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been too busy writing this up to check.

besides, this is writen for X360A, not taking info from other websites.

also, i prefer a text guide over an interactive map any day. im sure alot of people will agree.


I too prefer a written guide, and I respect your decision to get all the info yourself ^^. I will be using this much thanks

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