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Do you really have to do all of the case files from 1-1 to the end in a single sitting for 'Better With A Friend' or can you do the case files in any order you like with any number of people? Can i drop in a random game for example and do one case file, then drop out and start my own game and have a friend join - will it still count towards that achievement?


Are the TIR rewards for getting 1 / 5 million in winnings cumulative or do you have to get that in one sitting and then cash it out all at once? Are they necessary for the achievement to wear all clothing?


Do you have to be present with another player while they give zombrex to Katey to count toward Better With A Friend? Is it actually considered a 'case file'?


yes has to be with one person in one sitting due to some glitch at the mo where if the host saves in a bathroom it kicks the 2nd player


yes its cumulative


and yes you do need another player there as the zombrex files are case files.



Buddy, don't want to sound rude, but capital letters-phobia makes your text uncomfortable to read.


eh? ive used caps when theyre needed. i put my best grammar into my guide but i cba with regular posts.

it is kinda difficult for me to get grammar to get 100% correct being dyslexic and all.


yes you all just learnt a secret about me =P

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no its not hard to hit the shift key, but you must agree it sets a better pace for typing if you don't have to hit the shift key. and besides, its a free for all guide, no one forced this person to try and help people, and he didn't ask for money from anyone.


PS i really thought you were being sarcastic with the line " You're going to need to go back and correct each guide"... and maybe you were, sarcasm is easily lost on the internet... i just wanted to mention that, hahaha


No sarcasm. It may be quicker to type without capitals, but when you have to go back and put the capitals in, it takes as long (if not longer) than if you just did it to begin with. We do the guides for the good of the community. That should be incentive enough to make sure they're legible.


Deciding that you can't be bothered using capitals makes me not want to bother reading your posts. Just saying.


*As an aside, he has fixed the guide. I can now congratulate him on a job well done. Nice one mmartynn.

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^^ as far as im aware, unlockable clothing doesnt count towards the CG:CD? achievement..


if that was the case, you would need to change into the outfit your awarded for unlocking CG:CD?... so it wouldnt unlock for anyone.


Can confirm this, you dont need any of the unlockable clothing to get CG:CD.

The two clothings that seem hardest to find is the one in the Tape it or Die set (Mid Length TShirt Jeans) and the Blue Grey Work Overalls which are next to the bottom right maitanence room in South Plaza.

Only one im not sure about is the Knight Boots. (Bought it before i finished Cross Dresser, shouldve saved for last)

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Don't know if this has been mentioned, but for the "solve all cases in co-op", it does not have to be in one sitting. I had a friend host the game, then I would join. When we saved, I would save first, kicking myself from the game, then he saves, and re-invites me. This lets him save the game, and then I could re-join and get all my items back. We played through the story over two nights, and we were able to unlock the co-op achievement, as well as the facts achievement. (our first playthrough)

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Possibly one of the worst guides I have ever seen on this forum. I can't believe in this day and age there are people who do not even grasp the basics of the English Language, such as punctuation, grammar and correct sentence structure.


You should go back to school before doing another one.

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seems to me everyone enjoys bitching about how horriable of a job your doing on your guide, when you was nice enough to guide us through dead rising 2..... your guide isnt even posted or finished yet, hummmm hence its not connected to the link yet! I just want to thank you very much mmartynn for your guide it has helped me get quite a few achievos in dead rising 2, with out your hard work and dedication to making the guide id have to earn the achievements but trial and error...... keep up the good work!

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