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Achievement Trading Thread


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I am looking for a majority of the Band Challenges. I play X Guitar, but prefer X Bass (I'm pretty boss when it comes to bass).


I need...


The Meek: Beat 2112 Part 4 as a Standard band with 3 or more members, all on Medium or higher difficulty


Poor Boys: Beat Bohemian Rhapsody as a band with all on Medium or higher, and at least 2 vocalists (QP+)


Apostates of Orthodoxy:5-Star any song as a 4-player Non-Standard Band, with all players on Medium or higher (QP+)


Bearers of the Standard: 5-Star any song as a 4-player Standard Band, with all players on Medium or higher (QP+)


Scions of Excess: Earn an 11x Band multiplier with any 4-player Band configuration (QP+)


Ultimate Answerer: Earn all Stars from any one song (excluding the Power Challenge) (QP+) <---------The band challenges for it


GT: Wahammy


I will send messages/requests to recent posters. I'm looking for a drummer and vocalist and someone who has a mic to do "poor boys"


Send me a message if you fit any of the above preferences

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OK I'm looking for a 4 player standard band to get "Ultimate Answerer", "Bearers of the Standard", "The Meek" and "Gold Standard". I can do either guitar or bass on expert for most and hard for all songs. Most importantly I need a good drummer and good vocalist, please add your name if you want the achievements...






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this is the pettiest thing i've put in an achievement trading thread. I want some friends playing this game so i can do the hero feed thing.

also i'll need to do the band achievements, i play expert on guitar and bass, hard on drums and vocals.

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Me and my boyfriend would like the band achievements on this game. We play bass and guitar, but he can play drums pretty well, the only problem is that the orange cymbal is messed up. Sometimes it doesn't register a hit, and other times is says he's hit more than he has. We can also provide beginner vocals while playing.


Basically, preferably we're after a drummer. lol

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Hello guys.


I only need help with Bearer of the Standards (4 player standard band, 5 stars, all on medium).

While we're at it, I can help with any of the other standard band achieves, too.


I prefer Guitar or Bass Expert. Can pass Bohemian Rhapsody on vocals if need be >.>

Only can do medium/hard for drums.


Thanks guys, just send a message ingame saying you wanna boost GH WoR :D


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