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Data Miner (Notebook)


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Excellent guide. I'd like to add that Bibi and Snowflake The Tiger are counted as survivors when recruited and saved.


1. Bibi. Complete her case. When she stage dives into zombies, kill all of the nearby zombies. She will even note "These fans are unruly. Security !" That is your que to help her. If you have a Queen on you, use it in order to clear the area quickly. Then talk with her until she joins.


2. For Snowflake The Tiger. Go to the Food Court, which is right next to Yucatan. Enter the Steakhouse restaurant and go into the back of the restaurant. Grab as many steaks as you can. Enter Yucatan on Day 1. Kill Ted, he is the easiest Psychopath to kill. Grab the three nearby steaks. Throw them all around you on the main floor while carefully avoiding Snowflake. If she gets too close, jump on the ledge that is in the Tiger pen. With the increased number of steaks, it will be easier to tame her. She has to eat three steaks in order to be recruited. Escort her back to the safe house and then give her to Katie as a gift by interacting with her there.


Once they are recruited, they are no longer psychopaths. These two are the only ones that can be saved as survivors. They are basically this game's answer to Paul The Arsonist from the first game.

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