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Achievement/Misc Guides (LINKS)


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About this thread:


There seems to be a few cases where multiple guides are created on this site, and then becomes somewhat of a battle to try to make the best guide and so forth. This is encouraged, but what shouldn't happen is discouraged writers. There are a lot of people who could technically create a really great guide, but once they see 3 or 4 guides up, they don't bother. This thread is going to be the basis for all achievement guides that are created and kind of a one-stop-shop. In the end, one guide normally ends up being the site's main guide published in the game guide section. Writing a guide is hard work and takes some good amount of hours, and I don't like to see those hours get wasted. Therefore, this thread will list achievement guides that have been created as well as some other "good threads" that should be included. So here is the current list of guides/threads you can visit. This will also reduce someone's guide from being lost in the forums until a guide is actually picked. Good luck to all members, and of course it is all appreciated by the community!




Achievement Guides



*Achievement Guide: By rrushn

*Achievement Guide: By Mmartynn



Misc: Walkthroughs and Guides



*Combo Cards/Gifts/Juices/Food/Locations/Weapons:By Mmartynn

*Zombie Genocide Master Guide: By PhyscoticScot

*Psychopath Guide: By Van Dayyyyum

*All Foods/Drinks Walkthrough: By Hoernchen

*All Ranged Weapons Walkthrough: By Hoerchen

*All Combo Weapons Walkthrough: By Hoerchen

*All Explosives Walkthrough: By Hoerchen

*All Firearms Walkthrough: By Hoerchen

*Data Miner Guide: By SpinelesS

*8 Survivors/Come on Follow Me Guide: By retroboy

*Magazine Locations: By Heraldofkaos

*Item Locations: By lovemetal423

*Survivor/Psychopath Guide: By Bhangboy

*Easy Money: By Dannynu13

*Novelty Weapons: By lifeexpectancy





*Hidden Item Map: By Achievement Hunter

*Dead Rising Interactive Map: By MS-XBOX World (Could take a couple of minutes to load)

*Static Map: By Machinimatt (ATM Machines/Magazines/Blenders/Combo Cards/Combo Weapons /Hidden Zombrex/Zombrex Posters)





Think a thread should be added? Reply here and we'll take a look or send me a PM. Think a thread should be removed? Same thing!


Note: At any time this thread may be removed without notice. Just because a thread is in here today doesn't mean it will still be there tomorrow. This is meant to be a temporary solution to multiple guides being created, and will later be removed.

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Great post, but whats with the you may remove it bit.


Games that have post like this that collate all various guides together should become mandatory they make finding everything a breeze.


Yeah I think it'd be good for some games too. It'd be a sticky clutter itself to have all of the guides stickied and people looking through the various threads would see less per page because a sticky appears on every page, not just the first one. I put that message because I'm not the only Mod, and another one might think it's best to take it down and stick a few things individually.

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