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Being the nerdy number type and after messing up Genocide Master the first time round and decided to make myself a little spreadsheet to keep track of kills and to make sure I was on target for getting the achievement the second time round.


It worked so I'm sharing the spreadsheet here on the off chance that someone else will find it useful.


Some of the information is rather obvious on it, this is hardly a industry standard peice of work but it came in handy none the less. Basicly you enter in the totla amount of kills you've made each hour (roughly) and it updates itself to tell you how many you got that hour, how many you've got left, what your target is for the next hour, that sort of thing.


I done the 'save and reload in the centre after each run' method so filling this out is something to do whilst the game is loading in again (after you've got another beer).


I've left my figures in as a guide (and cause I can't be bothered 0'ing them out).



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For the 1,000 barehanded zombies, camp out in front of the arena in that strip with a helicopter. Use the Helo toy on TOP the TIR kiosk, and haymaker(hold X) the zombies mobbing up, going in a circle, takes like 20 minutes.


^Hope this helped a bit!! :D

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