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walkthrough: all foods + all juices/drinks


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I started this guide and was everything was wonderful until the Lasagne and Lobster ... I entered the store at level 8, and was greeted by a cut-scene, and a deranged psycho that taught me a thing or two about saving regularly.


I let it expire the next time around as to preserve my hard-work. Everything worked exactly as posted, was exactly where posted.


Thank you for this wonderful, detailed, and simple guide.


the psycho only shows up some hours into the game, that is why i suggested to start the walkthrough right at the begining of a new playthrough. doing so, you will not run into any psychos except for ted & snowflake (you can easily run away from them).


Worked great as did your other guides, although strangely I got "Finally Full" after eating sushi, and I hadn't even mixed any juice in any playthroughs yet.

that really is strange, as it has been tested and normaly you would need all juices to unlock the "finally full". hmm, don't know what happened there, guess you got lucky... ;)

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I've just followed the guide straight and no trophy popped up (PS3)


Strange enough, I wasn't sick when i ate the spoiled hamburger, because of my sports gear


do you think that's the reason


EDIT - Never saw the pineapple part. sorted

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is there another place where I can find mellon? It is the only thing I am missing and for some reason is not in the safe room cafeteria like it is supposed to be. Please HELP! Thanks.


EDIT: nevermind, I just started a new game, went into the cafeteria and ate the mellon and my achievement popped. One thing I love about this game is how is saves all data from previous games. :)

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I have confirmation that this achievement can be unlocked in multiple playthroughs, as I didn't consume all mixed drinks in the playthrough and it unlocked after eating the spoiled hamburger.


The spoiled hamburger also spawned in one of the two garbage cans in front of Hungry Joe's Pizzeria, instead of in the kitchen.


Good guide by the way.

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The guide worked great! I found the required food items at different locations along the way, so I just ate them. That spoiled hamburger was a pain to get. I even tried nearby trash cans and only got other spoiled items. It finally reared its ugly buns.

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