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walkthrough: all ranged weapons


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http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/achievements/969/UPz7nBQ=.jpgDeath From Afar 20http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie.


this walkthrough is intended for people who want a way to get all ranged weapons consecutively. it is possible to do this with a level one character but obviously it is easier and faster to do with a leveled up character. i would advise you to pick up every weapon i list here although you might have gotten quite a few weapons before. this will ensure that you don't get lost along the way or miss any items. also do use all weapons as soon as you pick them up so you don't get confused which items you already used. furthermore i would advise to get a kill with every weapon possible just to make sure the achievement really pops. you should only have to hit a zombie with the weapon but as the achievement has proven dodgy before just get the kill, it will not take much more time than doing this without getting the kill. kills are possible with every item listed although it might be hard for level 1 characters to kill with the playing cards and poker chips without having leveled up your attack power. (It takes nearly the whole stack of cards or chips when aiming for the head.)


i will start this walkthrough in the safe house, where you start the game.






here we go. start a new game and go through all the cutscenes. leave the safe house and skip the cutscenes. after you start, take the right path as you will find your first needed weapon right there:


saw blade - safe area - on the floor to the right, after leaving the safe house


just up the stairs and in the room on the left (this is still in the safe area) you can find the second weapon:


nails - safe area - in a corner on a box (first room on the left)


directly after leaving the safe area make a left and enter the first store (in the closet). pick up the vinyl records.


vinyl records - in the closet - on the floor in front of the record players


back out and to the left you will find the man's sport store. in the glass cabinet you can find a metal baseball bat.


metal baseball bat- the man's sport - in the glass cabinet


right outside of the man's sport is an open newspaper kiosk. on top of it you can find the bowie knife.


bowie knife - yesterday, today and tomorrow - on top of the kiosk


just on the other side of the kiosk is a store called the chieftain's hut. the native american manequins hold your next weapon:


bow & arrow - the chieftain's hut - in the hands of the manequins


down the mall, behind the elevators there is a toystore called ye olde toybox. here you can find:


bag of marbles - ye olde toybox - on the counter


coming out of the store and taking a left you will come to a jeweler where you can get lots of gems.


gems - marriage makers - all over the store


now we'll have to track back a bit and enter the sportrance sports store.


golf club - sportrance (1st floor) - on the floor in front of the casino cup machine

basketball - sportrance (1st floor) - on a shelf left of the casino cup machine

football - sportrance (1st floor) - on a shelf right of the casino cup machine and the stairs

bowling ball - sportrance (2nd floor) - on the shelf to the right, after coming up the stairs


take a right and visit the players music store.


musis discs - players - all over the place


now on to the other side of the atrium and into antoine's.


plates - antoine's - on the shelves to the left and to the right


let's head back down and towards the slot ranch casino. right before entering the slot ranch casino and in front of roy's mart there is a big sign that says "royal flush plaza". to the left of that sign you can find a lawn dart.


lawn dart - royal flush plaza - in the grass to the left of the royal flush plaza sign in front of roy's mart


transfer over to the slot ranch casino. once there, immediately take a right and hit the craps and black jack tables.


casino chips - slot ranch casino - on the craps tables

playing cards - slot ranch casino - on the blak jack tables


now leave the casino towards the silver strip. cross the street, enter hot excitorama and make your way to the palisades mall via the back door and the side street. the last store we will be visiting is the kokonutz sports town in the middle of the mall. let's grab our last two items:


soccer ball - kokonutz sports town (1st floor) - on the floor in the middle of the store

tennis raquet - kokonutz sports town (1st floor) - on a shelf to the right



(this has been tested on several profiles. all necessary items for the achievement are listed. if you don't unlock the achievement you might consider doing this again on another playthrough as all collecting achievements for dr2 have proven dodgy on one end or the other.)

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Just to make it clear... I have all 'use item' achievements, yes... head trauma too, and I NEVER killed a zombie with any of them (besides, ofcourse, the things I actually used during the game).

as i mentioned, the achievements should pop by just "hitting" a zombie with a weapon, not killing it. but i see no harm in actually killing the zombie as it does not make things much harder nor takes much longer.


also that's what were here for, killing zombies, isn't it? ;)

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Just got the achievement, thanks for the guide! Might want to note that you need to aim with LT for it to count. I know I used the basic X attack with the tennis racquet before and the achievement popped when I aimed with it and hit a zombie.

Nope not true, I just did it using X instead of aiming for both the soccer ball and the tennis racket at the end of the list and the achievement popped. No need for aiming on those two.


Probably a good idea to for the bowling ball though, as if you just press X he swings it. You have to aim for him to throw that one.

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