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Tape It Or Die Mission GUIDE - Easy


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I've seen many people that have got problems with this mission, including me. I just beated it so I'm going to write a little guide.


First of, Tape it or Die have NOTHING to do with the secret achievement. I'm talking about the MISSION.


Tape it or Die Mission is in 2 parts. There are 4 survivors there to save.




To do first:

Find a cement saw and plates, DO NOT COMBINE THEM!

You can find the cement saw AND the plates in South plaza! (Thank you RonanN1)









Check if they are any side missions except for "Give Katey Zombrex" and "Case 5-1" If so, go to the survivors and kill them. You can save them, but I'll recommend that you kill them. It can only be 8 survivors in Fortune City at the same time, and if there are like 5 other people on the map the TIOD crew won't appear.






Tape it or Die Mission 1 starts Day 3 / September 27, 6:00AM. Just after you've given Katey her third Zombrex. You can do all this BEFORE you give Katey Zombrex but you need to be quick then.

It closes again as soon at the start of Day 4 / 12:00AM, so go there right away!

When you've done that go to the Kokonutz Sports Town in Palisades Mall on the FIRST floor.

Go to the door in the store, it should say "Tape it or Die". Enter it!

When you get inside, go to the guy "Wallace". He will ask you to find cement saw and plates.

Just give him the shit and he will combine them into the PLATE LAUNCHER!

You'll then get a combocard for that! They'll tell you to come back later! DONE!




Tape it or Die Mission 2 starts at Case 6, Day 4 / September 28, 9:00AM/10:00AM. You don't have to bring anything.

You WILL get a call about this if you've done Part 1, just go there and you can see that all 4 survivors is surrounded by zombies. Just kill every zombie and talk to them, and then they'll follow you. You have to move quickly because the gas zombies will be all over the place. Just get to the safehouse, you shouldn't have any problems. When you get there you will get 2 more combocards. The Exsanguinator (Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade) and Blazing Aces (Tennis Racquet + Tiki Torch)


After that you'll probably get the "Life Saver" Achievement. To get every Survivor combocard.


I hope this helped you if you had any problems with this mission.

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I'm pretty sure the door opens at 6am not 7am and closes at noon. Could be wrong about the closing part but I was there at 6 and was able to go in after killing the females at the pool nearby.

Even if it opens at 6am you'll not get enough time to go there and do all the shit in 1 hour before you have to give Katey the Zombrex. And I'm pretty sure it closes at Day 4.

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Even if it opens at 6am you'll not get enough time to go there and do all the shit in 1 hour before you have to give Katey the Zombrex.


First it DEFINITELY opens @ 6 AM. I did it three times. Alwayz runnin' on every walkthrough straight to that door approx. around 5:30 AM, waitin' and bam it opens on time. My third save slot says (just kept it, cause it looks so good):

Day 3 - 06:07 AM

Tape It Or Die Set

CASE 4-1: The Source


Second you can easily do it before giving Katey some zombrex. But this is up to some pro gamers of ya'll, hehe. Anywayz, didn't want to spoil your guide. Looks aiight to me. ;)

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Check if they are any side missions except for "Give Katey Zombrex" and "Case 5-1" If so, go to the survivors and kill them. You have no time to rescue them so just beat the shit out of them..


LIES I SAY! Unless your only like level 20, you have plenty of time to save every survivor and kill every psychopath in the game. I know so cause I've done it, second play through, was 35-50, probably 48ish when i opened door.. Yea its a time crunch but its do-able, I even got the $250,000 from lenny's code(the vault) before I opened the T.I.O.D. door. Refer to THIS LINK for timeline of Survivors/psychopaths.


You are telling truth about only 8 spawn at a time though, so don't attempt the "follow me" achievement at this time, do it with first 8 survivors.

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Do you have to do the Case Files as well up to it? Or can you let them expire as well as letting Katey die? I'm going around for clothes, food, etc. and I want to get this mission done.


Ill let you know in about an hour, its 09/26 09:22PM in game for me, and it has to be 09/27 06:00AM for door to open. I just need to get the 'Mid-lenght T-shirt Jeans" out of it. Make sure you dotn forget them when you go down there or you'll be in my predicament. :mad:

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i can't do it.

i've got the guide book, it says from 6am till 12

I'm on day 3, 6.42am, all sub missions cleared to this point.

Got the cement saw and the plates and it still wont open!!!!

i wait and nothing happens.

i've tried to change my clothes (thought it could be a glitch with sport fan/ninja DLC).



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An even easier way for the Cement Saw and Plates. Use the entrance to the underground tunnels nearest to the Kokonutz. There's a stack of plates on the train platform, and a cement saw in a maintenance room right next to it.


Ah, very cool. I got "Tape it or DIE" activated on a run where I didn't have access to the maintenence tunnels.

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So I'm really distraught. I've tried this mission many times now and the door is still locked on me. The only side missions that are going on are Katey, Case 5-1, Ante Up, Slave to Fashion. Before those popped up, I tried saving Woodrow (went back to Safe House with him) and beating Seymour (saved Ray, following me now). This side mission is pretty ridiculous if you have to have NOTHING else going on, because how am I going to take care of Ante Up (which doesn't even really count for anything)?


I also tried this before giving Katey Zombrex, but Bankrun and WWJWD were currently listed.


EDIT: So I reloaded and went and killed off Woodrow, Seymour, and Ray and the door FINALLY unlocked. I just can't believe you really have to have no other side missions going on when you go check the door. Oh well, I got the Data Miner achievement and I'm on my way to getting the Duct Tape FTW.

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