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I got 72k, I wanna help you get it too. (SUV method)


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Already at 4384 and Katey has only just turned! Should be simple enough :woop:

I find that going down towards where chuck runs at the start to get to the bunker can net you a good 200 kills if done right :)


Z-Gen at 7:33am Day 3 :D



Day 1 7pm : 14607

Day 2 7am: 27052

Day 2 7pm: 39769

Day 3 7am: 52658

Day 3 7pm: 65000

Day 4 7am: 72000 +

Day 4 10am: 72000 +


Finished it at exactly 12am on Day 4 xD a good 10 hours to spare, this was really easy in comparison to what i was expecting though!

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Done this a couple of times, you don't need 2 laps like other guides say, the second lap your basically getting the dregs of lap 1, may as well reset asap and fill the streets....because of this, your SUV does NOT need the driving magazine, so more time saved.


Once restarted head straight for the Sports Car, drive it into Slot Ranch, then exit onto the Strip, enter the SUV, and run the route down to the Arena etc (check youtube for route), turn round and head back to the Yutican, take a right, enter the tunnel, then reverse out, you will exit facing the right way, drive to the SUV (in the SUV lol) crash it into the casino, jump out and jump in the new one, repeat.

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just got this on my first attempt. Day 4 4:39am, passively killed leon focusing more on getting nearly 1000/run while he was out and hitting him when opportunity arose, killed janus immediately by getting out and doing him in. ignore the snipers. i also was wearing regular clothing, not special suits of any kind. i also used this map as a guide for the path, keeping the most zombies spawnable at a time is important. overall i was averaging just over 1000/run the whole time, but there was many runs which were around 900 due to me fine tuning my path.




i guess this is the sister site?

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Just started this now, I have been dead on 1000kills ( if not under) every in game hour. My method is Simple. Jump in SUV head straight down the strip ( Left side) till I get too the save point area, go around twice head down too the bottom ( still on the left) all the way down to the stadium entrance. back and fourth there then make my way back up. when I get back to the save area I go around a few more times there till I hit 800 kills then make my way back towards the yutana casino. soon as I get 1000 kills jump out the SUV into the casino then straight back out and back in the SUV. Then Repeat. I save every 5k Kills don't really see the point of saving every 1k if you know your always hitting that crucial 1 in game hour. Hope this helps :dance:

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I just hit 72000 kills on my first try :woop:


I was using SUV method, save in the middle of Fortune Park, Katey has turned, doing no cases.


For better timing I used GReeeeN schedule:


Day 1 - 7pm - 10000 kills - 12700 kills

Day 2 - 7am - 22000 kills – 24000 kills

Day 2 - 7pm - 34000 kills – 36500 kills

Day 3 - 7am - 46000 kills – 49000 kills

Day 3 - 7pm - 58000 kills – 62000 kills

Day 4 – 3:24am – 72000 kills :dance:

Day 4 - 7am - 70000 kills -

Day 4 - 10am - Game over. -


My route:



Reverse gear has instant kill but is much slower so i did it only near Americana Casino (downstairs entrance with lot of zombies).


While driving Golf Cart just head to SUV, not try to kill every zombie on Your way, it will slower You. Just drive to SUV and hit zombies by the way.


Sometimes i was doing some extra laps in the areas which has some meat.


PS. female zombies are easier to kill so aim at they :p

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Have just started playing and was doing some research when I found all of the posts on this site. What I would like to know is if I start a game and concentrate on getting say all combo cards and entering all shops. Do you then start a new game with all the combo cards.

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Beam147 you keep the cards you collect.


I did my first play through and concentrated on getting survivors and leveling up. I would recommend trying to hit the posters as well - I got that after I finished leveling up and it was a pretty good amount of points. I used a separate play through for the weapons, combo card creations, and visiting the stores. Did a sep run through for the clothing (probably didn't need to). Splurge and get the ninja suit - it will make your life a lot easier - I didn't use it until well after I had gotten most everything done.


Use the guide on this page for the 72K kills. I spent too much time driving above at the arena and ended up behind until about 50K. When I stopped going up there I was able to catch up and hit 72K with 3 - 4 in game hours left. I did stop in the middle to save after about 1K each time. It took a lot more effort but I broke it up into a couple of days.

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Can someone explain how the hell you can average 1,000 kills per hour? I can't for the life of me get over 900. I'm at 12am on day 2 with 17k, and I'm losing a little ground every hour. I did the math and to make it I need to average about 960 per hour from here on out, and I'm determined to get this on my first try. No way in hell I'm attempting this bullshit all over again.



I guess I'm not taking the optimal route or something, but I've tried a number of them, including the picture on this page. Is it best to drive mostly straight at full speed or to go out of your way for clusters of zombies?

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Well I've been attempting this for more than a week now. The closest I have been to 72,000 so far is 70,000 and that was without having the driving magazine in my possession. I activated Leon's appearance, activated the appearance of the snipers, used the Yatucan to respawn the zombies and the suv after every 1,000 kills but in spite of the final kill count achieved on that run I had wasted time trying to kill Leon in one confrontation, sometimes I was so far from any building that I wasn't able to add more kills to the count.


However on the attempt I just completed I had the driving magazine in my possession, I avoided activating Leon, used the save spot and then reloaded save to refresh the area, and didn't enter any of the buildings which meant the appearance of the snipers was avoided.


But in spite of doing these things that you'd think would give me more than the previous kill count I didn't even manage to get close to 70,000 again, let alone 72,000 - go figure...


Anyway, on my next attempt I'm going to ignore the driving magazine, avoid activating Leon, save every 1,000 kills at the save point, reload the save and drive the orange cart back to the respawned suv, avoid entering any buildings which then means the snipers will never appear, and hopefully I'll get the 72,000 through this method.

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