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Novelty Weapons step-by-step walkthrough *possible spoilers*


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For another walkthrough visit my Melee Weapons walkthrough HERE. By far the most complicated of the weapons achievements in this game.


Here's my step by step walkthrough for this achievement. Some items can be found at multiple locations (i.e. the giant stuffed elephant is at stylin toddlers but I skip it there because it's at another location you have to go to anyway for multiple items. Feel free to grab an item earlier on if you see it just make sure to mark it off so you don't get confused.) You only need 1 open inventory slot to do this. Just pick up each item, use it on a zombie or 2 (they do not have to die), then drop it and move on. To be safe, personally I tried to use the "X" attack followed by holding LT and throwing the item at a zombie whenever possible, although it was probably unecessary. I did, however, get this achievement as well as all the other item-related achieves on my first attempt save for melee weapons because I haven't attempted it yet.


*******I highly suggest doing this achievement when Art Appreciation sidequest FIRST becomes available. You'll have plenty of time to run through the list up to the point of the paintings, at which point you can do the Art Appreciation quest, TALK TO THE GUY FIRST TO BUY FUNNY PAINTING, don't just kill him right off the bat. Grab the Funny Painting, and finish the achievement. You can just ignore the guy for the quest once you've got the painting. There's no reward for this achievement so just do it all without saving then reload your save to continue on with your game.********


Credit goes to Lovemetal423 the Item Locations guide HERE which I used to locate 99% of these, although there are a few that I found in other places more convenient to the path I’m laying out. Still, most of the “finding” work credit goes to him.



Royal flush plaza – After exiting safehouse, grab a bucket and pylon right near the exit in the safehouse hallway to use on a couple zombies.



In Royal Flush Plaza, head to Stylin Toddlers for a Zombie Mask on a table near the windows. Right next door at Astonishing Illusions grab a Robot Bear.


Head down the walkway to the giant craps table for a Giant Die.


Head up the escalator to Estell’es Fine Lady Cosmetics for a Novelty Perfume Bottle.


From there hit Rush wireless in the middle of the walkway for a Novelty Cell Phone. Around the corner is Small Fry Duds for a Giant Stuffed Donkey.


Last stop here is next door in Children’s Castle for a Giant Stuffed Bull, Giant Stuffed Elephant, Goblin Mask, Stick Pony, and Toy Helicopter.


Jump the railing to the 1f and head to Slot Ranch Casino to the stage for Liberty Torch.


Exit to the Silver strip. Head for Hot Excitorama for a Massager.


From there head just up the silver strip to the Barrel of Goods kiosk for a Novelty Poker Chip.


At the end of Silver Strip near Yucatan Casino you’ll find Luaii Wauii restaurant for a Tiki Mask, and Behind Leon’s Bike Trailer you’ll find a Tire.


Head into Yucatan and from there to Palisades Mall. Head up the escalator to The Cleroux Collection for Funny painting (only available during Art Appreciation sidequest), Fancy Painting, Painting, and Small Painting.


From there turn left down the walkway and head into Leigh’s Fine Liquor for a Novelty Liquor Bottle.


Jump the railing and head to the water lounge thing in the middle. On the upper level of it you’ll find a Beach Ball. Down below on the countertop (some have found it on a table) you’ll find Whipped Cream.


From here head toward Atlantica Casino, stopping at Ultimate Playhouse on the right for a Toy Spitball Gun, Water Gun, Servebot Mask, and Bag of Marbles.


Continue down the walkway into Atlantica Casino. On the craps tables you should find Casino Chips, and on blackjack tables you'll find Playing Cards. Near the slot machines you should find a Treasure Chest (it’s large like the novelty items such as perfume bottle)



Exit into Fortune Park and turn left to the nearby Maintenance Room, just outside of which you’ll find a Hunk of Meat.


Head for the Platinum strip to Moe’s Maginations for a Lizard Mask, Giant Stuffed Rabbit, and Wacky Hammer.


Head across the walkway to Paradise Platinum Screens for a Cardboard Cutout (you may have run across one of these already).


Finally head right next door to Juggz Bar for a Novelty Beer Mug.


Achievement Unlocked!

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Thanks for the work done putting together this walkthrough!


EDIT: lifeexpectancy did add these two items to the list...


EDIT2: Last night I finally popped the achievement for the Novelty Weapons! With each and every item I was throwing them and hitting the zombies with them (not necessarily in that order). So here is my take on the matter now... when I popped the achievement I was in the middle of using the "Giant Stuffed Bull" (which I know I used at least two other times in other play-throughs, but that is a debate for another time). I had not "thrown" the Bull, nor had I attempted to place it over a zombie's head by holding "X" at this time, I was just going to first hit the zombies with it by tapping "X". The first time I hit a zombie that way with the Bull the achievement popped. Soooo, I have kind of backed off on thinking that it is related to hitting a zombie in the "funniest way possible".



Quick question though, are you saying that the "Casino Chips" and "Playing Cards" are not required for this achievement? I have seen these items on many different "Novelty" checklists? I am not debating that your list is wrong and I trust that you have tested your list. I just want to make sure they didn't accidentally get left off your list since I saw them both on many other checklists.


Also, you talk about using the item first with the "X" attack and then throwing it, which I think is a great idea since there seems to be some debate on how to actually "use" these items to get the achievement. But wouldn't it make more sense to use LT to throw them first, THEN use the "X" attack? In the case of the paintings for example if you use the "X" attack first (well actually I guess it would be the HOLD "X" attack) with the paintings then you put the painting over the zombie and then have no way to throw the painting any longer. Same thing with the stuffed animals... but you probably meant tapping the "X" and not holding "X".


I had a theory that you need to use the "Novelty" items using their "funniest attack" to get credit for using the item... taking the Hunk of Meat and holding "X" to shove the Hunk of Meat into the zombies mouth for example :-), this is the funniest attack for that item in my opinion. Place the Tire around the zombie instead of hitting the zombie with it as another example. My plan is to hit them with the item every way possible though, because I have gone through my lists TWICE and still have not gotten the achievement :-)... (my lists were the same as your list, but with those additional two items I mention above)

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Aye I somehow didn't copy the playing cards and casino chips over from my rough draft into the final copy. I added them into the Atlantica Casino portion for purposes of efficiency (no additional places to stop in or visit). Your theory about "funniest attack" may be correct, although I didn't shove the hunk of meat into a zombie's mouth. I tapped X to hit them with it, then held LT and threw it at them. I did, however, tap X to hit with the paintings and tire, then held X to place the paintings and tire around the zombies... so who knows. I agree with you that the best bet is to try to use each "type" of attack with each novelty weapon to ensure the achievement unlocks.


I think why some people have trouble is they use items during the course of the game then when they go for this achievement they think they've used said items but at some point they either died, reloaded a save, or didn't save before quitting after using the item before. The best way to avoid this problem is simply to do them all in one go. It only takes 15-20 minutes following my step by step walkthrough to use all items so there's no sense spreading them out across an entire playthrough.

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I agree with you that the best bet is to try to use each "type" of attack with each novelty weapon to ensure the achievement unlocks.


Everyone, just be careful of the order that you try each of the various "types" of attacks with a Novelty Item because you may no longer be able to use the item once you use one of the types of attacks...


For example smashing a "Small Painting" over a zombie by HOLDING "X", well you probably aren't going to get the painting back after that :-)


But as another example, throwing the "Hunk of Meat" first may end up attracting a ton of zombies and you might have a problem wrestling it out of their zombified hands :-)


lifeexpectancy, thanks again and I am going to try as hard as possible to go home tonight and give your walkthrough a whirl... third time is a charm, right?


EDIT: Third time was the charm! Thanks again lifeexpectancy!

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This is frustrating. I have every other 'use every type of X weapon' achievement but this one and I've followed the guide through from beginning to end twice now, but the damn thing won't unlock.


I am slightly convinced there are some glitched sections of the game, but I was also able to finally get this achievement to pop last night, using lifeexpectancy's list (my first two times were with exact same lists also).


My suggestion is to make sure that with each and every item use as many different attacks available with that item as possible. So for example, with the "Giant Stuffed..." animals, you can throw them (hold LT and press X), you can hit the zombies with it (tap X) AND you can take the stuffed animal and slam it down over the zombie so that the zombie will walk around looking like the stuffed animal, which is actually kinda funny (HOLD "X"). Eventually I hope you get the achievement as I did. Good luck. (Keep in mind the order that you do the different attacks, because you may not be able to do the next one after doing one, or it may break, etc.)


Another person above said that they got the achievement by just using the HOLD "X" method (and throwing the item when the item did not "stick" to a zombie).


EDIT: I've also seen a suggestion to use each item on at least two or three zombies if possible (IF POSSIBLE).

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Honestly the thing causing these achieves not to unlock is that people use different save slots. For example when doing melee weapons someone uses the first 10 items and saves on slot 1. Then they use the next 10 items and save on slot 2. Then they use the next 10 items and save on slot 3.


If they continue this pattern, only like 40 items will be on each save slot and the achieve will not unlock.

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