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Question about region blocking

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I'm assuming Case West will be region blocked - I've read some posts that said region blocking for case zero kicked in only a few hours after the game is released on the marketplace. Some who lived in a different country than their gamertag were able to download it.


I was just wondering if anybody knew about this, and if so how much time should I expect to have.



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am i able to play case west and case zero with a german (a non-american ..) profile on a (non-american ..) german box with a normal lan-connection (german ip ..), once i have downloaded it with an american account through/over a proxy-site?

i mean, it worked with the saints row 2 unkut pack (downloaded from the uk marketplace and played with my german account), but i have not tried any real region-locked pay-dlc yet.


in short: the region lock is only for downloading, but you can play the dlc on any other region?

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I have a Japanese account with Japanese Microsoft Points on it. Can I download this game in America on an American Xbox?


Or do I literally have to be in Japan with a Japanese Xbox? I have bought the Japanese Version of Buku Sudoku using a Japanese account with Japanese Microsoft Points before, but I heard that the rule has been changed, and you have to literally be in Japan.

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I can definitely tell you it is required VPN to download.

I have a JPN A/C, using HK Credit Card. However, I couldn't download at the beginning. Afterwards I use a vpn (which pretend I am a Japanese users as my i.p become Japan's.

I downloaded it. I also do this on case west.


FYI, using VPN's Download speed maybe horrible, you can just use the VPN at the moment of purchase, then resume normal network connection and go ahead of download, at the end of downloading (99%) it will shows "unable to download", But you can change xbox network setting to use vpn again and redownload it. as you already got 99% game in the hdd, the download will be very fast.

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