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200/200 gs

Ridin Solo

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saw this game for 5 bucks had to get it. in about 2 days i beat it and got 200/200 if you haven't got the game yet GET IT :) its fun to play and easy GS who just want the GS, im still playing it after i beat it its fun :)


I just picked it up too, still need to beat the first one as well. I'm glad they incorporated a demo into the arcade game setup, and that it is so cheap, would love to see more of this from other companies. (Dead Space: Ignition does not count)

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took me two days, not everyone has 4-5 hours a day just to crush a simple game and complete it.


Exactly. This gamw took me 2 days, because of a busy work schedule. Not two whole days, mind you. It was more like one and a half days to 100% Case 0

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