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Fable III Collectables Guide


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Before you start any of the Collectable, please check the achievement guide HERE for anything that you may need to do/complete before any of these become avalible!


Unfortunately, I dont have much character room left in each post to add the info but the guide holds all the info you'll need!


This thread will hold all the information on where you can find the following:


  • Silver & Gold Keys + Special Key
  • Gnomes
  • Auroran Flowers
  • Brightwall Books
  • Demon Doors

I've taken all the info from around the web and this site and put it into one whole thread. To many things flying about people keep spamming and asking question. So this is to keep it all in one place!


I'm keeping all this information over multiply pages and in one thread, so it's easier for people to find what they're looking for.


I hope this helps and any new info or mistakes please just post and let me know!



Keys - Strength Gamer

Gnome's - Strength Gamer

Flowers - Strenght Gamer

Books - Video Games Blogger

Demon Door - Riplin





Gold Keys


Mistpeak Valley


#1 - If you examine the map of Mistpeak Valley, you can see two cave entrances above the Demon Door and one on the far side of the level up in the hills. Travel to the cave up in the hills; you can reach it by running uphill from the lake and going left just before the path to Brightwall Village.


You can follow a grassy ridge past a treasure chest to find the cave entrance to Chillbreath Cavern; it is not an icy entrance, it is a thawed, brownish cave entrance. Run through this cave, and take the path leading upwards. You should pass a 15 Silver Key chest on the way, as well as various other dig spots and chests.


Keep heading uphill, and eventually you will come to an exit at the very top. Once outside, run down the short hill to find the Gold Key floating amongst some ruins.




#2 - Driftwood is an area that you can access after completing the “Restoration” side quest in Millfields (pay 750 gold to repair the bridge). In Driftwood, complete three side quests to help reach the coastal islands: An Island Getaway, Pest Control, and Giftwood for Driftwood. Then, leave and return to the area to reach a flit switch on an island across the new bridge.


You can now follow the flit switch around the area, and hit it with you melee or ranged weapons. Climb the mountain in pursuit of the switch. A warp zone at the top will take you to the Gold Key.


The Veiled Path


#3 - At the staircase at the far end of The Veiled Path is the entrance to The Enigma area. Look for a flit switch at the end of the room. It is above the door. Use the Fireball gauntlet (alone) to light the torches in the next area. In the room with the colored floor panels, examine the flames on the wall. These flames reveal the order in which you must step on the panels: Yellow, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red. The Gold Key is just beyond the door.


Shifting Sands


#4 - To get this Gold Key, you first need to have access to the Aurora continent. In the city, do the “A Key To A Greater Key” quest. This quest should become available after completing the main game. Talk to the guy who offers the quest near the tatooist, and he will sell you a key for 4,000 gold.


Then, go to Shifting Sands, and run across the vast dunes. On the far side, turn left and follow the cliff face until you find a little path down by some ruins. At the bottom, use the key to unlock an area that contains the Gold Key. Step on the platforms to fight enemies and slowly make your way to the key.



Special Key


The Sanctuary


#1 - This Gold Key is located in your treasure room (the trophy on your mini map thing). You will have to accumulate over 5 million gold to reach it however. So buy some property already!


Once you have this key, it will open a chest below your mound of gold. All I did was transfer all the money into the treasury to get to the chest.

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Silver Keys


Brightwall Village


#1- This one is located outside of the city itself, across the bridge. Go towards the house to the right of the bridge. You'll cross another bridge to get to the house, the key is located under this bridge. Simply head left at the house and you'll see it under the bridge.

#2 -Go infront of library in Brightwall, take left while facing the library and you will find a patch of grass and trees with number of objects scattered around. Behind the row of these objects is the silvery key.

#3- You can find one silvery key behind the House of Cluck between the building and the city wall.

Reliquary (Brightwall Village)

#4- You'll have to light the six ground torches to open the locked door to find this key. Use the fireball spell to achieve this. This area is found past the circular vault door that you had to open using magic.


#5 - This one is a little confusing. You need to be in the room with a bunch of floating platforms. Once here, trigger the lever in the nearby temple. This will make a set of stairs rise up near a rocky ledge (look for a chest on it to be sure it's the correct one). Climb these stairs to find the silver key inside a tomb.


Mistpeak Valley

#6 - Go to the valley that leads back to the demon door, but don’t enter the valley path. Instead, take a right at its entrance, you will find the pile of logs. Search these to find the silvery key.


#7 - Go towards the mountains from the Mistpeak Monorail Station. You will find the sliver key here at the overlook with a view of Brightwall


Chillbreath Caverns (Mistpeak Valley)


#8 - If you didn't get this one during the "Missing Child" quest, you'll simply go to Demon Door in Mistpeak Valley. Head away from the door and you'll see a bridge above you. You can find this bridge by following the mountain to the right. Head into Chillbreath Caverns. Once inside, simply follow the path across the bridge and grab the key.


The Hole (Mistpeak Valley)


#9 - This is near the technician's gate, down the hill from where you find the monorail wreckage. There is a storage area down here, with the silver key being found behind the rack of barrels along the back wall.


#10 - This is found in the southeast corner of The Hole (accessed by entering the Millfields Monorail Station). Simply climb the stairs to the monorail, head around it, and find the key.


#11 – Once you obtain the Technician's Key (found in a chest near the exit to Mourningwood), simply open the gate. Follow the path to the ledge above the arena, kill all the enemies & grab the key.


Dweller Camp

#12 - Head back to the Dweller Camp later in the game to gain access to Sabine's Inner Camp. Go into this area and the key will be hidden behind the wagon on the right.


Mercenary Camp


#13 - On your way to the camp, you come across several paths leading past a pair of guard towers. There is a hill with a guard tower just before the point where you fight the boss. You will also find several dog cages on that guard tower, and you will find the key under it.


Reaver's Manor


#14 - Go to the second floor and head to the bedroom to the right of the dining room. Go to the bookshelf to reveal a secret hallway and head in here to find Reaver's private room. The key is behind his bed.

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Silver Keys [pt II]


Bowerstone Market


#15 - On the path heading towards the Bowerstone Castle exit, you will have to enter the last house on the left. It's called Hauteville Heights. The key is in it's backyard.


#16 - On the opposite side of the river of the city, on the right side of the steps. Near a group of sailboats.


Bowerstone Old Quarter


#17 - It's located in the Nightshade House on the second floor. (BEST TO COMPLETE THIS BEFORE YOU FINISH THE GAME)


#18 - This is easiest found during the "Battle for Albion" mission. Go up the path leading from the water, and you will find it in the corner of the area beneath the city wall. It's to the left of the giant tree.


Bowerstone Industrial


#19 - It's located inside the factory with all the little kiddies working. Unfortunately, you have to activate some switches in a particular order. First you need to climb the stairs to the first valve and pull the lever. Next step is to go to the far righthand corner and pull this lever. Go back to the lefthand corner and pull that lever. Final step is to pull the lever closest to the stairs you climbed to reach the balcony. Bam, key is yours.


#20- Near the docks there is a military warehouse (after you are Ruler of Albion). Climb the stairs to the upper level and you will see the key inside a small elevator car.


Bowerstone Castle


#21 - Head out of the rear entrance to the castle, towards the catacombs (the giant building) then head left. It's behind the farthest statue.


Catacombs (Bowerstone Castle)


#22 - Keep moving on the path from the catacomb entrance to the castle courtyard, and you will see an open cave. This path further splits into two, when it does, take the one to the left and keep moving till you reach the dead end, you will see the silver key in front of you. (Do not cross the rock bridge though)


Cesspools (Bowerstone Industrial)


#23- Once you are in the Cesspools (accessible through the basement door in a house across from the Orphanage) just keep left and you'll see it.


Sewers (Bowerstone Industrial)


#24 - You can enter the sewers through a door in the far corner of Bowerstone Industrial (look for the crane). Once here, take your first right, and you will find the key around the corner near some metal bars.


Hideout(Bowerstone Market)

#25 -The hideout is located to the left of the stairs right next to the last key (pictured above). When you first enter the hideout, take your first door to the left. Go down the stairs until the first set of jail cells, go right and look for the door on your right (kind of hidden). Head down these stairs, hang a left, and BAM, key is in the jail cell.


City of Aurora


#26 - On the Path towards the cities gate, past the Demon Door. You'll see it on the right hand side down a small hill.


#27 - Go to a rocky path near the large shrine. This will lead you to an arch with some hanging laundry. Jump onto the roof and continue roof-hopping to the silver key.




#28 - You're going to have to detonate some barrels outside of a bunker below the Dark Sanctum. The key is behind these.


#29 - Follow the western edge of Mourningwood until you see a treasure chest near a tree. It's by a ruined wall, a little ways away from the Demon Door. The silver key is under an arch in this wall.

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Silver Keys [pt III]

The Ossuary (Mourningwood)


#30 -There are a lot of crypts near the entrance to Mourningwood, the key is inside one of these.


#31 - Across the way from the crypts mentioned above, you'll see some stairs near a tomb. Head up these stairs and head left. You'll have to jump off a ledge here to reach the silver key on the landing below.




#32 - This one is located between the Demon Door and the Monorail Station. Head up the hill until you see a large factory. The key will be located inside a small shack on the far side of this factory.


#33 - This one is near the Demon Door, towards the Bower Lake side of Millfields. It's sitting in plain site, you just have to head left and left again.


#34 - Very, very close to Dankwater Cavern. There will be a large lake here that you need to descend from. Go to the pond right below Dankwater Cavern and swim over to the key on the left. If you see a statue with a telescope, you're in the right spot.


Pepperpot Cave (Millfields)


#35 - Go all the way to the end of the cave and swim across the water. You will most likely have to fight a bunch of Hobbes before swimming. The key is in plain sight across this body of water.


Dankwater Cavern (Millfields)


#36 - Enter Dankwater Cavern. Once inside, enter the water and swim far left to the bank. Look for a branching path leading out of the water. Take the path to the right and you will see the key at the top.


#37 -This one is in Dankwater Cavern as well. You need to enter the water near the Hobbe Camp to gain access to this key. Hop in the water and notice the rocks immediately to your right. Swim counter-clockwise through these until you see a sloping path. The key is up there.


Shifting Sands


#38 - Look for the giant hand statues that lead to Aurora and turn around. Now you should see a giant arch. Head this way until you see a path leading up to the right. The key can be found at the top of this path, before the arch.


#39 - Head towards Shadelight under the large arch. Immediately turn left and follow the rocks to the key.


#40 - This one is easiest to find if you head towards the exit from Shadelight. You'll see a giant, and I mean giant, slab of rock that looks like a "T". The key is under this (cross the center of the dunes to find all of this)


Sandfall Palace (Shifting Sands)


#41 - When you get to the mission with the giant diamond is the best time to grab this key. It's in the far corner of this room, directly left of the diamond.


#42 - There will eventually be a locked door on the left (it's before the first oasis). Well, all you have to do to unlock this door is shoot the switch above the door three times. Go inside the now unlocked door and you will see the key on a ledge.




#43 - You'll have to enter the Silverpines Mines (located towards the center of the map). The key can be found at the very rear of this mine.


#44 - Head out of the mine and head and go down towards the forest. Towards the middle of the forest there is going to be small encampment. Immediately before reaching this, turn left and follow this trail up the hill to the key.


Sunset House


#45 - There's a mansion at the top of the hill. The key can be found about halfway up this mountain (halfway to the mansion) , hidden among the trees and rocks. It's on the right.


#46 - Just to the left of the Demon Door, sort of easy to spot. It's around the rocks, and you can see the key glowing if you look really hard.


The Veiled Path


#47 - This key is found at the far end of the Veiled Path. It's at the top of the stairs, in the corner. You can't miss it.


#48 - You have to enter "The Enigma" to find this one. Once in here, shoot the switch to open the second room. Use your Fireball to open the second room by lighting the switch in here. The key is in an area to the right on top of a small platform.




#49 - Hop in the water and swim to the biggest island on the map. On the east side of the island there will be a small cave. Enter this cave to find the key.


#50 - This key is found on the island that is connected to the larger island (mentioned above) by a bridge. Find the treasure chest then hop off the ledge to find the silver key.

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Brightwall Village


#1 - The houses found below the chicken coops (by the stone bridge) is where you'll find this one. He's on a chimney about midway up the house.

#2 - This one is easy. It's inside Brian's house, to the right of Brightwall Academy. Go inside and you will see him up high on the wall.


#3 - Look for the Bumbler's Gruff house. He's on some rocks behind this.

Reliquary (Brightwall Village)


#4 - You're going to have go across the floating platforms until you see some stairs leading down. Notice a column on the right side? He's behind this.


#5 - Dive off into the water and go up the path with the large columns. You can find the gnome on a wall to the right of the vault.


Mistpeak Valley


#6 - Near the Demon Door you will see what looks like a frozen waterfall (it's actually a door). He's on top of this door, you can't miss him.


#7 - He's right next to the second silver key you find. Head to the Monorail Station and climb up the hill to the right. He's on top of this hill.


#8 - You have to go UP, UP from the Demon Door, across a bridge to the fork in the path. If you're going towards the Dweller Camp then going across this bridge & taking the left in the fork in the path leads you up to this "spot on the map".


It's actually a grave being dug. He's to the left of the grave, perched on the mountain, pretty much level with you, so NOT requiring you to go up to the edge & look over & down the cliff face.


The Hole(Mistpeak Valley)


#9 - Head to the monorail wreckage. Once here, you should hear him taunting you. Look on a lamppost to see him "hanging" out (get it?). Shoot him off of it (this is before crossing the bridge)


#10 - Face the entrance to the arena (once you are inside of it) to find him up high and to the left.


Chillbreath Caverns(Mistpeak Valley)


#11 - Best way to find this is to go to the Demon Door and turn around. Head out the way you came in, and follow the mountain to the right. Eventually it will lead you uphill and right. Just keep staying to the right. Eventually you will cross a bridge and find the cave to your left. It's important to stay right. This gnome is just inside the entrance, on top of the stalactites.


#12 - You'll need to enter the caverns from the entrance uphill from the monorail station (across the lake from the fort). Once here, head out onto the ice to see the gnome standing on top of a stalagmite.


Mercenary Camp


#13 - Head back to the Mercenary Camp. Head to the farthest area from the exit to Mistpeak Valley (inner area) to find the gnome standing on top of the water tower.

Dweller Camp


#14 - Start at the exit to Mistpeak Valley. Go down and cross the bridge, then take a right up the hill. Follow the path sharp left and you should hear him yelling at you. Head down towards the wagon-house-thing and look left to see him on the far rocks.


City of Aurora


#15 - If you go to the docks and turn around to the face the city, there will be a gnome sitting up high on the farthest house to the left. He's in between this house and the one right next to it, up high by a window.


#16 - When going up to the demon door take the right path and turn around after you pass the arch.


The Veiled Path


#17 - As soon as you enter The Veiled Path, look to the right. He's on some rocks.


#18 - This gnome is found quite a ways after the first gnome, on some rocks. Just below the entrance to The Enigma.


#19 - As you head up the stairs after where you found the 3rd gnome, you'll eventually get attacked by some enemies. Look up to the top of a rock formation to see the gnome standing on top of it.


#20 - This one is found inside The Enigma. After you get into the 3rd room, simply look for the gnome in an alcove across from the entrance.




#21 - Head away from the Mourningwood Fort until the two paths come together. You'll notice some ruins that have arches. This gnome can be found on back side of these ruins (this is before the cemetery)


#22 - Go to the Demon Door. Turn around. Now basically run in a straight line through town to the farthest sewer tunnel. The gnome is on some rocks to the right of this sewer tunnel.


The Ossuary (Mourningwood)


#23 - There's a wooden chest with a row of five tombs. This is where the gnome is. He's between the third and fourth tombs, located as far opposite the exit to Mourningwood is.

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#24 - The best way to get this gnome is to enter Millfields from Bowerstone Market (it puts you in the right direction). Head past the monorail station and past the mining operations making sure to keep following the path to the right. You will head past Pepperpot Cave and find him on the rocks to the right.


#25 - After getting the first gnome, head up the hill and take a right. You'll eventually cross a bridge. After this bridge hang a left, then you'll hear him yelling at you from the ruins to your right. He's up high in these ruins.


#26 - From the entrance to Reaver's Manor, head down the stairs and take a right. You'll see the little bastard in the corner on the right.


Dankwater Cavern (Millfields)


#27 - Once inside Dankwater Cavern, head up the path towards the waterfalls. You should see the bugger on the rocks by the waterfalls.


#28 - As you progress through Dankwater Cavern there will be path that circles around a pile of rocks. It's in the southwest corner (if that helps). When you begin to circle around these rocks, you should hear him taunting you. Look behind the rocks on a small path just off the main trail to find him.

Bowerstone Castle


#29 - Fast travel to the Castle. once here, head left past the main stairs, then take a right to head downstairs into the kitchen. He's up on a wooden platform above a giant wooden barrel.


#30 - He will be standing on a birdbath in the corner of the garden. Exit the castle from the kitchen and look left. There he is.


Catacombs (Bowerstone Castle)


#31 - After the revolution, return to the Castle and enter the Catacombs. Head into the first tunnel and you'll find him on the right (almost immediately)


Bowerstone Industrial


#32 - He's under the bridge by the path leading to Bowerstone Market. He's in a small opening in the wall, so you'll to head under the bridge to get a good look at him.


#33 - Once you unlock the entrance to the Pie Factory via the quest "Animal Liberation", you'll find himself inside a cage under the entrance to the factory.


#34 - Go to the bridge closest to the docks. He's up high on a wall on a building to the west of this bridge.


Cesspools (Bowerstone Industrial)


#35 - You can locate the Cesspools through the Wooble-Fuddlebuck-Glimbord Mansion across the street from the Orphanage. Head through the tunnels until you find your second dead end. You should see him up fairly high on the back wall of this dead end.


Sewers (Bowerstone Industrial)


#36 - You'll need to enter the Sewers through the entrance found under the crane (easiest way to do this is to initiate the quest "One Ring to Find". Turn left as soon as you can, and head straight. Head through the room with a crack in the wall to see the gnome stuck in a grate.


Bowerstone Market


#37 - Somewhat near the exit to Bowerstone Industrial there will be a set of stairs leading up to the city wall. The gnome is in an alley up here, in a corner a little past the stairs.


#38 - Near the exit to Bowerstone Industrial, you'll find a set of stairs leading up to the city wall. Once up here, head south in the direction of the jail. You'll see the little bugger up high on the wall eventually.


#39 - You'll need to walk through the house that's located to the left of the pub. The gnome is in the backyard to the right of the back door.


Bowerstone Old Quarter


#40 - Find the House of Stains (best way is to simply use your map). Once you have found it, and figured out where you are, you will find the gnome on the right side of this house.

#41 - Go all the way through the main area of shops in the Old Quarter. Proceed left at the end of this road, and the gnome will be found on the side of this house. Look for a small set of stairs, the house is to the right of these (somewhat near the city wall)



#42 - There's an island all by itself off the coast of Driftwood. In the very far corner of the map. He's on this island.


#43 - Enter from the millvale exit and walk down to the farm, from there he is on the slope to the left.



#44 - Outside the Silverpines Mine you will see a bunch of tall wooden supports. The gnome is one top of one of these.


#45 - You need to head up to the cemetery to find this gnome. He's a little past the crypt, on the path that wraps to the right. Look on a wooden tower to find this one.

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Sunset House


#46 - Find the Sunset House mansion. The gnome is sitting on top of the rocks just to the right of this.


Shifting Sands


#47 - Fast Travel to Shifting Sands and he's on a column to your immediately left.


#48 - Immediately after finding the first gnome, jump down and head right. On the way to Sandfall Palace there will be a narrow canyon. Enter this and you will see the gnome on the left side of the wall, right before the cave entrance.


#49 - Head through the passage leading to a large stone arch (you'll have to leave Aurora). The gnome is up high on a rock to the left.


Sandfall Palace (Shifting Sands)


#50 - In the second oasis room, you will find him hiding up high on a wall. I was able to shoot him from under the walkway.


Aurora Flowers



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orxhf9L3EPU&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - cityofaurora[/ame]

Shifting Sands

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wchfRVRBmZY&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - shiftingsandsflowers[/ame]


Sandfall Palace

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzYpndyyVPU&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - sandfallpalaceflowers[/ame]

The Veiled Path

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRw_8MhuijY&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - veiledpathflowers[/ame]


The Enigma

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLtnQHk00KY&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - Fable 3 The Enigma Auroran Flowers.mpg[/ame]



  1. The door to The Enigma is below the last staircase in The Veiled Path to the right
  2. Once inside, make sure to equip the Fireball gauntlet.
  3. In the first room, you'll have to light the non-lit torches to open each room. Each torch corresponds to the room it's nearest (left torch opens left door, and so on)

  4. Go into the second room (the one right in front of you as you enter The Enigma) and you'll notice a series of colored platforms.

  5. Hit them in this order: yellow, blue, yellow, red, blue, red, blue, red
  6. There you go!

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Brightwall Books


City of Aurora



Name: The Amazing Exploits of Baron Barnaby Beadle

Location: You will find it when you climb the stairs to the temple in Aurora and approach the altar. It will be near the candles to the right.


#2 Name: The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol 1: Hang Gliders

Location: This book is sitting on the edge of the shrine near an arch. It is by the looping path leading away from the temple and right near a Gnome.


Bowerstone Castle



Name: The Alchemy and Immortality

Location: Inside of the castle, head upstairs and turn left to head towards the royal bedroom. It is on one of the beds in the small room to the right.

Bowerstone Industrial



Name: Famous Killers: Terrence Posture

Location: You will find this book on a table near the piano inside the pub.


Bowerstone Market



Name: Tyranny of Tyrants

Location: You will find this book when you enter the Cock in the Crown pub in the center of the market area. Go the the second floor and follow the balcony around to the table and chairs near the window.



Name: The Grasping Avarice of Kings and their Lackeys

Location: When you cross the bridge and go past the city wall on your way to Millfields, purchase the 3rd how on the right. This is the Dollhouse, enter the 2nd floor from the outside and you will find it on the bed in the corner.


Bowerstone Old Quarter



Name: Dangerous Things: Industrial Machinery

Location: You will find this book at the base of the statue in the fenced off area where the road curves up the hill.


#8: (Quest Only)

Name: The Invocation of the Watcher

Location: You will first need to return 10 books to the Academy and then accept Samuel’s quest to find this book.


Brightwall Village



Name: Famous Kings of History: Markus Ivy

Location: You will find this book on the bedside table on the 2nd floor of the pub in Brightwall Village.



Name: Attack of the Killer Puffins

Location: Find the furniture shop on the hill near the large frog statues then go around the left side of the building to the back corner. It will be on the windowsill at the back of the house.



Name: The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 2: Ovens

Location: Go up the stairs on the side of the house near the Brightwall Academy to the 2nd floor. It will be on the railing inside of the house.


Cesspools (Bowerstone Industrial)


Name: Dangerous Things: Gunpowder

Location: This book is on the table just inside of the entrance.


Chillbreath Caverns (Mistpeak Valley)


Name: Famous Killers: Xavier Smedley

Location: Find the Chillbreath Cavern from the entrance nearest the monorail station and go down the path to where you begin to see the overhead wooden supports. Find the frozen creek between the rocks on the right and follow the ice around to a stack of crates near a bedroll. It will be on a crate here.


#14 (Quest Only)

Name: Book of Mysteries

Location: You will need to return 5 books to the Academy and accept Samuel’s quest to find this book. Then enter the Chillbreath Caverns through the entrance at Mistpeak Valley by the monorail station. As you fight your way through the cave, and go across the ice, head through the short tunnel ahead. Then head up a hill at the end of the cave to a camp. It will be on a table after the path on the right.

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Brightwell Books [pt II]

Dankwater Cavern (Millfields)


Name: Liver of Darkness

Location: You must complete the Hobnobbing with Hobbes Quest before you can access this area. If you have done so already, return to the area where you left Dans Mourir and enter the water. Then swim all the way to the far left end of the cave. It will then be on a table below the cliff where you first had entered the cavern.





Name: Dangerous Things: Stargazing in Remote Areas

Location: You will need to make your way out of the right large island and enter a mine on the side that is facing the shore. This will also be after completing the Giftwood for Driftwood Quest. Then you will find the book on one of the crates to the left as you enter.


Dweller Camp



Name: Famous Kings of History: King Cedric

Location: You will find this book on the table inside of the Wimpet’s Sniffle wagon near the top of the switchbacking trail that goes to the pond.





Name: AdventureQuest: A Select Your Own Endeavour Book

Location: You need to accept the Bored to Death in Mourningwood and then dig up the Normanomicon in Millfields. Then defeat the hollow men that will attack you and afterwards enter the crypt where the leader of the hollow men came from to get the book.


Mistpeak Valley



Name: How to be a Crack Shot

Location: You will find this book when you enter the ticket booth outside of the Mistpeak Monorail Station, it will be on the counter by the cash register.





Name: The Mibbs-Spagno Theory of Gluttony

Location: After you have found and fought your way through the hippie camp, locate the house near the storage platform that is outside the ring of homes. It will then be on a crate next to the house near the platform.


#21 (Quest Only)

Name: The Pangs of Sunset

Location: You will first need to return 15 books to Samuel and then he will give you the quest to find this book. The book will be located in a grave when you go to Mourningwood.





Name: Famous Kings of History: Old King Oswald

Location: You will find this book on top of the stone railing on the balcony past the golden door.

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Brightwall Books [pt III]

Reaver’s Manor (Millfields)


Name: Dangerous Things: Lightning

Location: Go to the room up to the left of the stairs and it will be on the table near the windows. You can also find this during the Reaver’s Unmentionables Quest or by purchasing it.


Reliquary (Brightwall Village)


Name: How to be a Master Swordsman

Location: Go down the steps inside of the Brightwall Academy to enter the Reliquary and right away turn right once inside. It will be to the right on a stand.



Name: Famous Killers: Carl Tendency

Location: You will first need to complete the “An Ancient Key” quest to reach a locked library inside of the Reliquary. It will then be on a stand in the corner of the room.


#26 (Quest Only)

Location: This will be the final book in the “Pen is Mightier Than The quest. You will need to find and return all 29 books before Samuel gives you the key to this final part of the Reliquary that has this book.


Once you accept the quest, enter the first locked door on the right and then go down the stairs till you eventually fight some hollow men. Then once you have fought them all off, head down the hallway to the lowermost floor in the collapsed area. Go past the rubble and you will see the book on a pedestal to the right.

Sandfall Palace (Shifting Sands)


Name: Dangerous Things: Ladders

Location: First cross the bridge over the first section of water you come across. Then head to the far side of the room and go down the stairs to the right. It will be on the railing near trees.


Shifting Sands


#28 (Quest Only)

Name: Reaver on Reaver

Location: You will first need to return 20 or more books to get this quest from Samuel to get this book. Once you have done so, travel to this area. Then head down the steps to the desert outside the walls of Aurora.


Go north and through the canyon leading you to a large stone arch and keep going into an expansive desert. Your dog will then spot an area in the sand where you will be able to dig up the book. There will also be a shovel and crate in the area in case you need it.





Name: The Very Unsafe Book for Boys, Vol. 3: Boxing

Location: Head down the path to the settlement in the center of the forest. Then walk around the first cabin to the left to find the book on the crates next to the house.


Sunset House



Name: The Extraordinary Homunculus of Baron Von Orfen

Location: First approach the cupola with the statues and then look to the park bench near the hedges. It will be sitting on the park bench.

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Demon Doors


Brightwall Village


This ancient doorway is feeling rather broody.


You need to show up in front of this Demon Door with your own child because your child is the only child you can hold hands with and drag to the Demon Door. To have a child, you must obtain the Family and Lover Expression Packs from the Road To Rule. Propose to a potential mate of the opposite sex (since you need to conceive a child), fulfill his or her marriage requirements, purchase a house, and have “Unsafe” sex by activating the “Sleep” icon at the bed in your house.


You will then have an infant child. Wait for the child to become a toddler, and you can then take them to the Demon Door. Alternately, you may adopt a child from the Bowerstone Orphanage. You must first complete the “Bowerstone Resistance” quest. Inside the Demon Door are 25 Guild Seals and 3 Summon Creature Potions in the “Last Orders” area.


City of Aurora


This stone portal questions the value of traditionally held notions of aesthetics.

Note:You can only access this Demon Door after the Revolution because rubble is blocking it. It is just to the left of the main gate. You can easy find it when going to the Shifting Sands. To get this door to open, you will have to max out your morality and be completely evil or good.


This takes the entire game to accomplish, since moral choices to kill, rob, break promises, and do other bad things occur often. At the end of the game, you can give to the Treasury or rob it to help tilt your morality meter the desired direction. In the “Moral View”, you will see a different scene depending on your choice, but the reward will be the same, a Legendary weapon.



This stone portal questions the value of traditionally held notions of aesthetics.

This door requires you to be fat and ugly. To do this, you need to put on an outfit (your pajamas or night clothes from the very beginning of the game are recommended), and color each part of the outfit a different color. You can do this in the Sanctuary. Then, check your Hero Status in the Sanctuary to see your weight. You need to get this meter all the way to the right.


To gain weight, you can eat pies and meat bought from vendors in Bowerstone or drink beer at the pub. Once you are fat and dressed in a multicolored outfit, the Demon Door will open. Inside is “Twitcher’s Curtains”, where you can find a chest with 40 Guild Seals.

Mistpeak Valley


This stone edifice seeks inspiration for a tale of Heroes.

Note: This Demon Door requires a cooperative second player through an online game. In Mistpeak Valley, move uphill from the lake towards the snowy area with bridges crisscrossing the frozen valley. Follow the path under the first bridge that leads into the valley. This path ends at the Mistpeak Valley Demon Door. This Demon Door requires you to hug, kiss, and possibly propose; thus, you and your co-op partner must have the Lover Expression Pack from the Road To Rule.

Perform these actions in front of the door by holding A until the controller vibrates. If this does not work, you will need to propose. When one character proposes to the other, go through the motions and marry each other, and the door will open. The “Demon Door Retirement Home” features many strange Demon Doors to listen to and a Legendary weapon in the chest. Note: Only the host will get the Legendary weapon.



This ancient and war-weary edifice is quite interested in weaponry.


You must max out your melee or ranged weapon skills (purchase Level 5 on the Road To Rule) and get all three upgrades for a Legendary weapon to access this Demon Door. While you can purchase Level 5 for 100 Guild Seals on the Road To Rule, it is more difficult to get three upgrades for a Legendary weapon. Any Legendary weapon (not your Hero weapons) has three upgrades that you can read about by pressing Y in the Sanctuary while examing the weapon. After upgrading your weapon skills and Legendary weapon, pull it out in front of the Demon Door for it to open. Inside is a space-scape called “Planet One”, where you can get the Military costume and a Summon Creatures Potion.


Sunset House


An ancient and sentient door near Sunset House wants to meet a monarch.

Return as King or Queen of Albion to access this Demon Door. This will happen as part of the main quest you progress through the game. You can simply walk in and get the 1 million gold treasure in the “Pools Of Sorrow”

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For silver key #31 in the hideout, how exactly do you open the door to get in there? into the hideout I mean.. Im at the second half of the game and have done every quest up to this point. I only need a few more keys including this one but the door to the hideout is closed. Does the door open by doing a quest or did I miss something??

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I was wondering for the silver key in Bowerstone old quarters :


It's located in the Nightshade House on the second floor. (BEST TO COMPLETE THIS BEFORE YOU FINISH THE GAME)


I finished the game and im an evil hero so i didnt repair old quarters ... is can i still go get the key or am i doomed ?

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The only thing wrong with this guide is how vague some of the descriptions can be. Be more specific and descriptive. For example give the exact name of a location. Instead of "shrine under the library" do you mean the Reliquary? Instead of "a shiny thing" do you mean an altar that has rubble near it?


That's my only gripe with this. Otherwise its a great guide.

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I am looking to acquire the Silver Key in Bowerstone Industrial Sewers. How do I access it? Its behind a steel gate that doesn't open, but, seems like there is a way around. Can anyone help me figure out how to get to the other side?


I am also having trouble accessing the 'Hideout' in Bowerstone Market Place.

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