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Easy(ish) chef's hat


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Since this game allows same sex marriages, all you have to do is marry one of the chef's. Make your family house the castle and set your family spending to 1000 (not sure if this matters or not) and then take the chef to the bedroom and sleep for 2 days. After 2 days he will give you a gift. If its not a chef's hat, just sleep for 2 more days and he will give you another gift. Rinse and repeat. It took me about 40 gifts to get the hat finally but using this method I got it in about 15 mins.


Hope this helps!

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Damn, i cant get the chefs hat i did it like 30 times and i just need this clothing to get the achievement. Would anyone like to trade with me? Just send me it as a gift i will give it back.


GT: Marcus Fenixx

I'm suffering the same fate, after forty gifts he simply won't give up the chefs hat, it's either tattoo's, furniture or other useless junk

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so while i was stocking up on toys for the orphans for the 20 Friends cheevo i found a chefs hat in a chest on the 2nd floor of the last house on the right, if your facing out from the orphanage. random? maybe, maybe not

I'll check this out in a minute and report back. Hopefully it's always a chefs hat as that would make this a heck of a lot easier! Thanks for posting

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I don't know if it's random, but I found mine in a dive spot at Bowerstone Old Town and it may be worth it to check the same place. Run down to the beach and swim out to the right side (if you're facing the water from the beach.)


I just got mine from a chest in the Bowerstone resistance headquarters.

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