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Do Not Post Unless You Have Info (STICKY)


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This thread is for anyone that has information about Capcom introducing anything to help the nom de guerre problem with number 1 and top ten.




Are they going to do a weekly/monthly leaderboard?




Are they done with the game?


Please no bitching posts....just post if you have heard or find anything out from the capcom team

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I recently had some contact with a capcom administrator. I was told that they have not discussed this in recent meetings and currently are no plans of updating, however he assured me that he would bring it up in the next meeting.


I will keep you updated....as we all know the LP community just wants an answer...even if it is a no.

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First...someone should stick this as this is the final news, and unfortunately it is not good news.


There are no plans to update LP2 says part of the Capcom team (Snow on Capcom forums). They have moved on. I have sent a message to one of the members of the team in hopes of an explanation as to why we can't get a simple weekly leaderboard or something and if I get a reply I will let you know.


However, if anyone wants to keep this at the top of the thread so it doesn't get moved a page away and the new topic starts an admin should sticky this because this is the most asked about topic in LP2 and this is the final answer. Sorry



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