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Dog Exploration Books?

iTz x Davidnes

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How do the dog and you learn different skills like this? In Fable 2 then you bought the book and had to say you want the dog to learn it. How does this work on this game?


It works automatically: Once you collect the respective book the dog skills will increase. Apart from that you can also max out the stats via DLC:


Fable III Five Star Dog Potion (80 MSP)


Teaching your dog to be a better fighter, treasure hunter and trick performer can be hard laborious work. So why not cheat and bypass all that fancy book-learning by giving him a swig of this potion? He will immediately maximise all his abilities. To use it press up on the D-Pad while facing your furry little friend. This item will be added to your gift queue in the Sanctuary, and will be available when it's unlocked in the storyline.




When interacting with your dog:



Press :dup: -> Transformation -> 5-Star-Dog



However this DLC is currently not available, more info in this thread:


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