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Falling/stuck glitch fix. Works! Please sticky.

Lord Nikecon

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How to fix it: All you have to do is get someone to join your game, have them go to the load menu/sanc. Then they dashboard out, you stay in their load room and after it registers that they've left you get booted to the main room in the sanctuary, then fast travel out of there and you're good to keep going!

Thank you, thank you!! :drunk


14 hours into the game, I got stuck in a bridge during a quest to search for a wedding ring. Wasn't able to move or access the sanctuary because I was in a falling state.


My solution was to have a friend join my session, then he pulled monster hobbes over to me which hit me out of my stuck position! From here I was able to progress the quest and save. Thanks immensely!

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Thanks for this suggestion, a variation of this worked for me yesterday :locked


Please keep in mind I was stuck in a sewer bridge with enemies in another room, but here's my fix:


1. Have a friend join your session. They must join your session because it effects your personal story, your save point location, etc. Both you and your friend must have matching DLC to connect (this was the most time consuming step).

2. At this point, my friend pulled a group of enemies to me (in my case hobbes) which started hitting me and knockback feature hit me out of the stuck bridge.

3. Trigger a save by traveling, finishing a quest, etc. to overwrite your stuck game state.


Step 2 is situational because I did have enemies around. If you are in a city, try the original post's suggestion.


Hope this helps someone! And dammit Lionhead, the fact that they haven't fixed this MAJOR and RAMPANT game-breaking issue in 3 years really makes me question the companies' integrity. http://forum.lionhead.com/Images/Emoticons/fableFaces_Angry.png

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Hey there! I was wondering if anyone could help me by trying the OP's suggestion? I know there was a fix before, but it is different than this one.


The other had you invite a player to join your game and for them to find a chest/drawer to open. Once an item of clothing shows up, you would simple press "X" to go to your changing room, then you could venture out by the Map. Once you fast traveled, you were supposed to be able to pop out from under the map and you'd be free. Though the first steps still work, you will still be stuck under the maps wherever you fast travel to.


I would really appreciate it if anyone was willing to help me out by trying Lord Nikecon and FELIX1771's suggestion. My XBL account is linked in my profile.

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I have the same problem and it's driving me insane. I temporarily started playing a new game because I was too frustrated to deal with the falling. I have over 3 days of game play and have finished all but 2 quests. I do not want to lose this game now. Can someone please come help me? Gamer tag DirtDemonX3

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