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I have the final kinect achievement I got it as soon as I finished my co-op run, so I guess you have to beat all missions


I'm also having trouble escaping the dragon lair, when it appears really close to you, I can't seem to get past it, any tips would be appreciated.

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Damn! Oh well, thanks for the confirm Chuyo. I know how to trick the Kinect into thinking there's a second person there, but it's impossible to win playing by yourself so I'm gonna have to wait.


As for the dragon lair, for the first encounter just hug the wall and keep moving. Even on Hard it takes two blasts of fire to kill you so you should be fine. For the next 3 encounters, you must plot a path that lets you pick up the Fire Protection Potion--which you need to get Liquid Experience anyway. Just take cover, wait till he's looking away then dash to the next cover.

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I just made a YT guide for the Survivalist achievement. The achievement isn't hard, but oh well... I have been making videos for every EA HP game on the 360 so I chose this one to make at least one video. :p


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEeCU5pNjD0]YouTube - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 - Survivalist Achievement Guide[/ame]


Too bad the quality is worse on this video compared to the other videos I made. Don't know what went wrong. :confused:


Could maybe be used in the guide? Visual help with achievements always helps me.

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good god the end of the silver doe level was HORRENDOUS. randomly trying to hit some snakes whilst dying all the time.


I managed it by


runjning round THE SNAKE in one complete circle for a minute. this meant i was ahead of the green things AND hit everything in the end. Else its just a nightmare level.

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i died about 20 times in 10 minutes before discovering my running in complete circles technique. Hopefully it helps others.Though god knows I am losing the will to live with this game


In the AG, maybe make it clear that YOU MUST GET ALL COLLECTABLES IN ONE RUN THROUGH. I manage to run slightly past one and thats it, level ended and i can never get that achievement now (as NO WAY am i replaying this game on another difficulty level)

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Seen a lot of anger at the Kinect being required... Question I have is how is it any different than Rock Band/Guitar Hero requiring their instruments to complete. Rock Band 3 requiring Pro versions of their instruments for the 1000GS, DJ Hero requiring turntable and guitar for 1000GS, etc... This is certainly not the first case of extra accessories being required and won't be the last. Personally just hope that the Kinect does not end up flopping like the vision camera.

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My first guide, so I'm focused on that before a roadmap. Plus, I honestly didn't think this game needed a roadmap right away since it's so extremely linear. Thanks for the compliment, though! :woop:


roadmap are more useful than achievement guides, in many games.... maybe game is linear but how many hours it takes 10-100-1000? how is difficult?... u should write one otherwise many people cant even look at the guide... like me

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Only got this today and I'm 10 minutes in and it is terrible. Very poor compared to previous HP games which I really enjoyed (and were easy 1000gs). Very annoying with the Kinect ach also with the difficulties not stacking. I don't have much gaming time as it is let alone having to play through 3 times.


Good work on the guide though, is there a collectables location guide to follow or are they fairly easy to find along the way?

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