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Worth 10 bucks?


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So does anyone have this game yet? is it worth the 9.99 price tag? easy achievments?


I got the game.


I think 800 pts is fair for the game, although it is cheaper in Xbox Indie Games and WinPhone7 (it is only US$ 3 on WP7). So the price difference may upset some people.


It is a fun game, but kind of hard. It demands good skills and planning to get 100%. Achievements are a mixed bag. There are some easy ones and some really hard ones. Most achievements requires 3 objetives each, so they are kind of tripled. It will take a while to get all of them. I already have 6 in like 4 hours of gaming.

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I think the game is worth 5 bucks. The only thing that makes it a "challenge" are the achievements. This is that rare time when achievements actually add something to this game.


With that being said, after wasting 5 hours of my life on the last 2 levels and constantly fucking up at the very end to ruin the 5 in one go (time, star, no death, all balloons and whatever the 5th criteria is for beating levels). I realized you can just go into the bonus stage and grab the hit deflection and pummel through problem levels. I feel cheap doing that but after 500 retries I deserved it.

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