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Ranked races boosting


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I have this game coming from lovefilm (gamefly to USA) I have all achievements apart from win 25 ranked on-line races.... need 4 people using the method listed in this forum we could all be done in 1 hour, I will also be willing to help with other on-line achievements...


Lets start this ASAP...


Add me (click link over there <<<<<<< ) and then send me a message saying 360, so i know what its about...



1) KiddingPigeon

2) Polished Turd69

3) Farah540



*Edit got my first response after 2 hours, slots are filling fast (Polished Turd69)

** Edit got my second reply after 10 hours 1 slot remains (Farah540)


NEED 1 MORE PERSON! MESSAGE ASAP! we aim for this weekend.

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