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Talk about cheap AI


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Recently just 1000G'd this game ( thank god ).

And I must say that this game has the most cheap AI I've ever seen in a video game. They run twice faster than you, they take the ball no matter tricks you do, and they always have half the team defending their goal (aka camping in front of goal taking the ball away from you if you get closer than 10yards from goal with ball).

Half the games I was not able to score at all.

But yeah these are just MY opinions about the game, I think this is the worst sports/football game I've ever played. I'd rather play the ones on atari2600 than this again.


Would not recommend this to anyone if your looking for some fast achievements, or good & enjoyable football game because this is just frustrating.


Pes6 next, hope that ones a little better :woop:

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the enemy always passes it when im about to steal it.


the enemie always catches up to me and grabs the ball instantly when i have it.


when i do a deep pass it gets stolen 90% of the time. when they do a deep pass i steal it about 40%


MY AI lets the enemy AI pass with care. then i have to dodge 3 guys with the ball alone on offense.


the enemy uses a power up and holds the ball for 10 minutes trying to score after me. like a random surge of wanting to tie the game.

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