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Achievement Trading


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I'm trying to do the two 6 player online achievements. I can bring 4 people (including myself) to the game. I need two others or one person with two controllers. I'm available until 1am Eastern and all day tomorrow.


Message me on XBL gt: Brandroid or message a friend who'll be joining us gt: DrDeathBiscuits


edited: Me and DrDeathBiscuits both have it now. Thanks to those on x360a for the help.

Edited by Brandroid
don't want to get swamped with calls for help
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Gonna try and run through this tomorrow... I used to get through the whole game for $1.50...They had to pry me away from the machine and almost bought the cabinet at auction.


So yeah, I'll be dedicated if that's an issue. Drop me an invite...I need everything and will help with anything.

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hey guys im looking for 3 more people to fill slots for the fell into trap achievement. im on right now and looking to get this out of the way and we already have 3 slots filled. itd be nice to get 6 people who wont quit mid game.


gamertag is GQSm00th1574

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Need the "Fell into the trap" achievement, I have 3 pads so can do it that way if needs be :)

Available most of the time, just message even if I appear offline.


Edit : Nevermind, got it now.

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Got it.
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My tag is xN1Sx Joschwa.


I have up to 4 controllers and am looking for people to get the "You Felll Into Our Trap!" achievement. I will be ready until the ach unlocks so msg me if you want to set something up please. Hope to hear from someone soon

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