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im stuck on 2 achievements to complete the game, any help would be nice


Perform rescue dash to share health with buddy VR Arcade mode.




Reinforce buddy VR with AI point.


Someone said as they went through the game they were awarded AI points and you can equip them in the main menu option where you created your guy. As for Preform rescue dash I am stuck on that too.

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Also does anyone know if when you beat a mission co op if it counts towards beating the game?


EDIT: Co op Does count. Now does anyone mind helping me beat the last 5 missions in operation 2? Getting kind difficult for me and could really use a hand. I will try to help put in return in any way I can.

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Which version did you get, japanese or asian?



how to beat jaguarandi the 2nd time u meet him? its a mission in 2nd operation, and u meet him after maybe 5-6 rounds. i cant do any damage


I have gotten quite a few tips from a few Japanese players. Not sure if you have done this yet but in mission select menu you can use EX options. You hit "Y" Button in mission menu. He also said something about AI training to the maximum. That part I am still unsure what he meant by that. If anyone could help with that part I would appreciate it.


For the rescue dash achievement someone was asking about all you do is press back button when your partner is down. Someone said it could take several tries to unlock the achievement.

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So for those that don't have it yet how did you get it?


Replaying missions and taking the full amount of time helps because the disks spawn on you randomly. Also replaying mission 6 of operation 2 helps you can get a handful on that mission alone.

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Are the achievements pretty self-explanatory or would you require a guide for some of them? Are they story-related or do you have to go out of your way to get some?


And to play online matches, is that online on Xbox Live? I wouldn't think there would be much of a community for this game. How easy is it to pair up with someone?

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I need some tips on how to do these as well.

For the rescue dash:

It helps to have a second controller so your team mate will just sit there, but set the difficulty to very easy and the timer to sudden death. Let the enemy beat your partner and when his health is gone, hit the Back button close to him.


For the reinforce the AI with a point:

From the main menu, go to terminal then go to AI management subsection.

Pick the second option and then in the next menu pick the second option.

Pick a VR to assign the AI to

On the new screen that comes up, hit the bottom option.

If the partner isn't set, hit the first option in the AI Management subsection and select your partner AI.

Now, go complete a mission. I recommend the final mission of the 1st operation since it's only one stage. When it's done you should get some points for the AI.

Go back to the AI Management subsection and pick the 3rd option.

Add a point anywhere and then hit the bottom option. That should unlock it.

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