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Security Camera locations


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Excellent! If it popped for you as well, then I'm fairly sure I haven't missed any. :woop:


Yeah, i can confirm that!! Thx buddy


i got but had to redo it because i shot the 1st two cameras when i wasn't on case 1-2, you cant shot before that, any survivors guide?


i shot the first one just after exiting the cargo and killing the Security unit on the left side before the steps getting his Security AR before i ever entered the Post Office and got my achievement right away on first try with this guide

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I had to make three runs at this in order for it to unlock.


I noticed that if a security guard shoots a camera, it dosn't always give you PP points. I'm guessing if you don't get the points for destroying the camera, then it won't unlock.


Not positive on this, but it happened in both of my first two runs.

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