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Achievement Trading Thread

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I have completed this game already including the co-op achievements. But since xbox360a.org has been a really helpful place for me I figured I would make a save just before entering the final fight, so I could just host games and do the last fight with people needing the achievement.

Msg me or send me a friend request if you need the co-op achievement for this game. If im not right in the middle of something, I have no problem getting this for others.

GT: Steamboat Wi11y

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Howdy thread.


On right now, probably for a few more hours. Got a save file right before the boss dude. Send a message with x360a or Case West in the subject if you wanna run it. I'll probably run through it a few times with a few different people if I get multiple requests.


[EDIT] Got it, but if you catch me on tonight/this morning yet, I'll still help out.

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