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Clothing Locations


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  1. Default Clothes - Shipping Office
  2. Phenotrans Casualwear - Shipping Office
  3. Journalist Suit - Shipping Office
  4. Security Outfit - Security Outpost
  5. Baseball Cap - Security Outpost
  6. Hazmat Helmet - Harvesting Room
  7. Safety Glasses - Zombrex Production Lab A
  8. Hazmat Suit - Research Laboratory
  9. Hazmat Boots - Gas Control
  10. Hair Cap - Cafetaria
  11. Exercise Outfit - Living Quarters A6
  12. Glasses - Living Quarters A6
  13. Servbot Mask - Living Quarters RR
  14. Lab Coat - Living Quarters A4
  15. Dress Suit - Living Quarters X2
  16. Dress Shoes - Living Quarters X2
  17. Nerd Glasses - Server Room
  18. Cleats - Living Quarters A3
  19. Baseball Uniform - Living Quarters A3
  20. Slippers - Living Quarters A2
  21. Security Boots - Living Quarters A8
  22. Security Helmet - Security Tower
  23. Medical Gown - Livestock Dissesction Lab
  24. Hygiene Mask - Zombrex Research Lab
  25. Brown Loafers - Secure Lab Observatory
  26. Mad Scientist Hair - Secure Lab Observatory
  27. Bare Feet - Research Laboratory (Save Point)
  28. Top Hat - Living Quarters RR - Thanks CloudStr1f3

...right at this point I'm not 100% it's all of them. Only 99,9% sure :p


I have double checked and I did not find anything else. Can you guys pelase help out if you know something extra, in case you found something that's not on my list and so on? Thanks :)


If not...I guess that's all of them :woop:


Also I will make a video later today :)

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