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Improvements for the next F1 installment


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There's quite a lot to do, to be honest. Here's what I noticed:


- safety car

- AI drivers making mistakes and crashes

- DNFs due to technical faults

- smoother pit stop entry and exit

- warm-up lap

- champaign shower and podium

- improved interviews

- no more bugs

- evening out AI drivers

- AI drivers switching teams

- promotion to no.1 driver during season possible

- "must not cross white line after pit exit"-rule

- no more "cutting the corner"-penalties even though you just hit the kerbs

- more character models for crew

- different speakers for different teams

- 10% career races

- improved damage model with more parts flying through the air

- include test drivers of each team

- improved career mode with more stuff to do: missions (like in DiRT), possibility to spend your prize money, ...

- and last but not least: possibility to create your own team (like in GRID)

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The majority of improvements I would like to see have already been mentioned; safety car, AI improvements etc. Although theres one that I would love to see in the next instalment and that's the ability to route your engineers voice through a headset perhaps with the possibility to implement a simple voice control system for pit stops. For example saying "box this lap" would let the team know you intend to pit on your current lap. It's been done in other games with varying degrees of success so I'm assuming it's possible in the context of a F1 game too.

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Well I know the next game is out... and the next one after that, but as I haven't played them yet I am gonna put my hopes and wishes here anyway!!!!


AI Characters crash out and get penalties... In 7 seasons I saw 2 guys crash out!!!


Drivers move teams... after 7 seasons of the same driver line up it is just stupidly boring!


A use for the Money u earn... no point in signing a big money deal if its just for show... even if there is an achievement for getting x amount of cash in a lifetime!!!


Getting Car #1 when you win the championship... or at least people getting numbered correctly for where they finished... having not signed for McLaren the best number I got was 5 even tho I won the championship 3 times!!!


Able to see who is in what place during the race... I sometimes need to know where people are who aren't 1st or within 3 cars of me! Sometimes I also want to know what tyres they have on especially if it just started to rain!

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