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A few valuable tips

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First off I recommend playing on hard early on, as I have now finished the game and have yet to destroy 10 enemies, I assume that the max damage you can inflict rises with the difficulty level which would allow you to destroy enemies before you automatically arrest them (40% damage on easy). Once you have your 10 enemies destroyed, switch back to easy.

Secondly, there is no need what so ever to start collecting the hideout locations until you have arrested all suspects, all locations are revealed once you arrest everyone, and if you started collecting hideouts early, you'll just find yourself revisiting old territory to collect the new hideouts that appear right near the old ones.

Thirdly, for me the garage door near the Cathedral in the city would not open no matter what I did in game, I tried quitting and reloading but the problem was only solved once I went back to the dashboard.

Fourth, I would advise to arrest all the suspects in the city area rather than the autobahn, it is MUCH easier to transport the prisoners in this area and for the most part, there is less opposition from syndicate members and the travel time is shorter.

Fifth, do races (known as tournaments in game) early so that you can unlock a fast car which makes everything quicker, easier and generally more bearable. The Autobahn tournaments offer the games best cars, I did virtually the entire game using the Razor CTR.

Sixth, dont ever bother tailing people when the game suggests it, ram them off the road and arrest them, all you gain by tailing someone for several minutes is a hideout location which you will get later anyway.

Finally, a good general tactic would be to concentrate all you efforts on the (very few) story related missions and arresting suspects as quickly as possible. You should also put up SOME speed cameras and activate your informants early as they help spot criminals. Always remember to escort your prisoners to jail once you have arrested them, if you dont they are released and you'll have to catch them again. To get to the station fast, pause the game then quit and choose to spawn at the station. If you are having difficulty locating suspects, put up more cameras and complete more informer missions.

Hope this helps someone out a bit : )

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Im hoping someone will be able to help me out here..


Right now Im at 85% in the game, I have arrested all syndicate members, put up all cameras and covered about third of the hideouts. I have done the championship (tournament) races up to the point there is no more rewards for winning them and I have done just over half of the single races. I have also (I think) done all the story related missions although Im still at level 5. However there are still 3 cars left to open and 2 race tracks in the single races list... So is my game glitced or am I missing something??

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I figured it out.. got now 100% and 30 of the 39 achievements :woop:. I will not however be going for the 9 online achievements.

Care to share the solution? I'm in the same predicament except i can't do the last mission which is strange :s


I got it eventually turns out I just had to uncover more hideouts

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