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If I don't complete a transporter pro time, and don't choose to replay it after will I get another chance to retry it after I beat the game or something? I'm worried I just f*cked up.


You can go back to the location where it starts (has a little green icon, may be darkened because you've already done it though.) and do it again.

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damn revolutionary


i wish the damn EDF assault/interception missions i did, didn't show up to play. i spent an hour trying to activate one and the same one activated over and over after countless hours of driving it finally gave me the right one. I WAS using that Google maps thing. and to top it off some of them just don't trigger. using the map i drove around the area for what seems like an entire day. and nothing. its like when you finish the game, the game decides to make you trigger certain edf assault/interception missions and not all of them. not to mention one of the transporter missions wasnt showing up AT ALL ( thus i cant do this or transporter times)


they better have some mechanics in the next game that prevents having to repeat or lose the ability to do misisons

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The start icon of interception missions are often not where they're actually triggered.


For example, I found that (the?) one that starts in Oasis likes to trigger when I'm driving around Eos, which means it's a hell of a drive to catch it. After missing it a few times I finally found a slightly closer spot (can't remember where) so I could actually get to it before the convoy reached its destination. This was after the campaign was finished, too, since some of them just weren't triggering before that.


I have to agree that the mechanics behind getting them to trigger is stupid because they seemingly trigger in the most random places.

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