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Achievement Trading Thread


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id be more than happy to fuck around getting some achievements. i could use a bunch for this game. anyone else that needs alot too hit me up. we'll go as long as it takes. im always up for some boosting. just send a friend request to DoomTrooper JX and let me know youre from here.


X: i have alot of games that i never really got a chance to play because of obnoxious people so im willing to do some boosting in almost anything. i have alot of games both retail and arcade. just looking for people that arent assholes to play them with. so if youre laid back and want to unlock some achievements in games old and new feel free to hit me up any time.

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Looking to boost and help boost ranked. I need the knife/nade one, drop equip on someone, win in under 14 min, and others.. I need feats and badges but the others are easier. I am willing to help and stay around long enough for everyone. It would be best to get a small group going.


add fallout82

send message like s8 in title so I know what its for.

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Hello Im looking to go for the - almost impossible achvs Kill 3 players at once with explosions 30 Kill 5 players in a row with only Grenades and Knives in a ranked match 30 Kill an enemy player by dropping a deployable on them 15 Win a ranked match in under 14min Any help would be great, plus i can give a hand with achvs you need I pretty much never boost but i really like this game, and i think a few of the achvs are very unfair :) odiedodie is the name - Ill try keep an aye on this thread, but msg me if you want

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Yeah, I'll be on here in a bit....would like to get 3 other people to do the 'boom goes the dynamite' and I'd be willing to help out with the 14min game achievement as well. Send me a msg on xbl.






4 Player for 'boom goes the dynamite' achieve, playing as soon as we have 4.


1. Filter X 2007

2. Rainnin Death



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