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Is this game worth 400 Microsoft Points?


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It's an awful example of the Point & Click impo.


No story. No logic. No voice/text dialogue. Easy puzzles (that sometimes make no sense impo).


It's not like a normal point & click, lots of locations etc.


There are 24 levels, and each level is approx the size of your TV screen. You then just hover your cursor over the screen and look for things that highlight.


It's worth it for the easy 200g, but it's a bad game impo.

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yes its worth 5 bucks!! they got mini games too .. its a very fun game when u feel lazy n wana just relax .


Considering he posted this almost 2 months shy of a year ago. I am pretty sure he already decided either way. Way to necro a long dead thread. Jesus, the last post was in early FEBRUARY.


<shakes head>

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