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Sudoku Hard mode wins in 40 seconds

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This is the easiest way to boost points and wins in Sudoku, play on hard mode and just spam the question mark button every time you highlight an open square it will fill in the correct answer for every time you hit the button and you finish well under the 4 minute mark.


I was able to get 28 wins last night in about 25 minutes and leveled up from about 3 to level 12 in no time.


It should take you about 2 hours to get the level 20 in the game if your fast.


I also very lightly spin the bonus wheel clockwise and land on the bonus spin, 3X or 2X quite frequently.

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using the question mark do you still get the same exp? i think it's 140 on hard


Yes, you get 140 per game using the question marks. So, if you hate Sudoku and you're just playing it for the achievements, there's really no reason not to use that method.

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