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Achievement Trading Thread (Co-op Partners)


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I can not find any online matches, no one on my freinds list has this game, and the few games i did get into, i had a HORRIBLE connection to (is this a bug or something cuz it has happened to me the only 3 games i got into). If you want to play, add me with message. Im on everyday when im not in class.:(


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I only need the 50K and the other MP achievements that just take time.


Going to put a group together ASAP, just add your name if i get four replies by tonight we will attempt the 50K achievement. If we don't get four tonight the set time will be

4 PM PST tomorrow.


Communication is key if you're a mute please don't respond.



add/message me


1.Dotter x360a






Need one atm, currently 8:30 PST/11:30 EST

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I've just about had enough trying to do this with strangers. It always ends in disaster or having to repeat a wave a million times.


I'm looking to join a group that's serious about going for the 50k achievement. I'll be on till 4-5am EST for the time being just in case anyone is still looking today.


Add or message me - Tacoman91

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Looking to do Anarchy Master tonight on Turbine, private match, mics only! Do not bother coming if you aren't going to be a team player. I've had people that literally only use charge shots to kill enemies so we only end up getting 10 points from the kill. If you are up for challenges also, that will help as I need another 128 team challenges. GT: GrandPrix x360a

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