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Bulletstorm Collectible Guide (Newsbots, Swarm)


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About Collectibles: There are two main collectibles in the game, Swarms and Newsbots. Swarms are also known as Electroflies, but they will be referenced as Swarm because that is how the game tracks them. The achievements refer to them as Electroflies. To check your stats, go to chapter select and look at each chapter. It will show you how many you have out of how many possible in each. After collecting them, you do not have to get them again, even if you die or reload your chapter. You will notice when you get them a second time you get the skill points but the game tracker does not pop up. Even if you quit right after you get the collectible, the game will still save it.


Swarms: These Electroflies are always found floating around in the air. Shoot all of them for it to count. They fly in a pattern and will always slow down in the same spots. Watch carefully to conserve ammo. There are a total of 21. You get 150 extra points if you shoot them all with a gun. If you use an explosive gun to kill them all at once you will not get the extra points. It's up to you.


Newsbots: They are usually very easy to find since they talk frequently. You can shoot these or kick them until they explode. There are a total of 28 in the game.


Missable Achievements: Chapters can be replayed, so there isn't really anything missable as far as achievements go. To save yourself some time though, do these the first time around so you do not have to focus on them after you've already beaten the game.



Act 0: Prologue




Pointless Achievement: Execute at least 10 headshots before you find the first dropkit. Aim for the head and fire in controlled bursts. You can cover by holding :ls:, ducking behind an object. The only way to know you're getting headshots is when their head explodes. You won't have the HUD displaying your skillshots. This technically starts counting when you must find a battery cell for Ishi.



Act 1: Stygian Badlands





Act 2: Paradise Lost



Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress


Newsbots - 3

Swarm - 5



Swarm 1/21: Shortly after starting the chapter, you'll come to a mansion type building with a big pond. In the middle you'll see the flies above a Drop Kit.






NewsBot 1/28: Right after you have gotten the first swarm, head straight and you'll see the robot wheeling around with a :bbut: icon telling you to kick him. Destroy it for your first Newsbot.






Space Pirate and Straight Edge achievements: You will come to a building with neon lights inside and music. Upon first entering, you may notice the two bottles there. You must shoot 20 and drink 20 of those bottles for the two related achievements. There are another two to the left in seperate locations, so pick if you want to do 4 or just keep it simple with the two in front of you. Keep reloading your checkpoint as needed.










Disco Inferno Achievement: After fighting the miniboss guy with the turret, make sure you kill all enemies afterwards without moving from that main stage. Do not go down either sets of stairs. You should get the achievement as the door opens.





[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mih7al8ki0Q]YouTube - Bulletstorm: Disco Inferno Achievement[/ame]



Swarm 2/21: After you beat the disco area you will see them on your left over the cliff. They are right before going down some outside stairs.






NewsBot 2/28: You'll enter a building after encounter several enemies who run at you. The bot is easily seen while traveling through.






Swarm 3/21: There will be stairs you go down that have wires hanging above that you can kick enemies into. As soon as you go through the door at the bottom, look to the left of the building in front of you.






Swarm 4/21 & NewsBot 3/28: After climbing over the branches to a building, you'll exit and see both of these.






Swarm 5/21: You'll get to the "Monster Dome" which has a giant monster as the entrance. To the right by the sign is where the swarm is.






Chapter 2: Worst Family Vacation Ever


Newsbots - 1

Swarm - 0



NewsBot 4/28: This will be in your path after passing by the cages and before kicking open the "Employees Only" gate.




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Act 3: The Dam



Chapter 1: One Sniper Means a Dozen


Newsbots - 3

Swarms - 3



Swarm 6/21: Once you get out of the cave, continue until the first drop kit. It's under an arch and to the right by a tree is the swarm.






NewsBot 5/28: After the first sniper battle you encounter, look to your right as you move from that area.






NewsBot 6/28: You'll encounter more snipers while Ishi fixes a bridge. You will then use your leash on another area and come to a drop kit. Go down the narrow area and the first building has the Newsbot inside.






*This isn't a bad spot to try to get the Skillshot "Killer News " which requires you to kill an enemy with a Newsbot's explosion.*



Swarm 7/21: You will be at some docks fighting and once you are done, a door will open for you to go inside the building. Before doing this, turn around and you should see the swarm at the end of the last dock there.






Swarm 8/20 & Newsbot 7/28: You'll travel through a short dark hallway with hologram plants. The next big room has waterfalls on the outside with an overlook. Outside from the first opening and waterfall is the swarm. In the room traveling around is the Newsbot.






Chapter 2: A Dam Fine Mess


Newsbots - 3

Swarm - 2



Swarm 9/21: After surviving the ambush, you'll come to a bridge you must lower. Look to the right of the bridge.






Newsbot 8/28: After finding Trishka she'll explain the two gangs. You'll go upstairs and be fighting more enemies. If you look to the right after going upstairs you'll see a door that leads outside. The Newsbot is right on that balcony.






Newsbot 9/28: From the last bot, go down to the main outside area where you'll be fighting a lot of enemies. There is a crashed burning ship in the middle. After that you will see the bot.






Swarm 10/20: After going under the neon signs and before going down the hole, look to your left.






Newsbot 10/28: You'll get to an elevator and see the very obvious Newsbot knocked over.




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Act 4: Forbidden Zone


Chapter 1: The Only Way Through


Newsbots - 2

Swarm -1



Newsbot 11/28: After ducking through a car into the broken down building, you'll have to leash a fan. Just to the left of the fan is the bot.






Swarm 11/21: After exiting the above building, start heading down the street but look to your left almost immedietly.



*Achievement Unlocked: Insecticide*


(Destroy 50% of the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign)






Destroyer of Worlds Achievement: Trishk will give you 15 seconds to find a way through the road block when you get to it. Turn around and shoot the ball hanging above to unlock the achievement.






[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q67llsaQHcs]YouTube - Bulletstorm: Destroyer Of Worlds Achievement[/ame]



Newsbot 12/28: After getting through the road block, look to your left in the first tent you see (by the drop kit).







Chapter 2: Maneaters Prefer Tight Spots


Newsbots - 3

Swarm - 4



Swarm 12/21: After Ishi is removed from your group, continue on and you'll see big columns and stairs ahead. To the right before going down the stairs you will see the swarm.


*This is a great place to get the "Fly Guy" killshot, which requires you to fling an enemy into a swarm. Just get behind the swarm and leash an enemy towards you.*






Swarm 13/21: After going all the way down the stairs, to the left of the drop kit.






Newsbot 13/28: You'll come to a flytrap plant who eats an enemy automatically. Beyond that there are two more one on each side of the area. To the very left of this area is a Newsbot.






Newsbot 14/28: As you walk through a cactus infested area, you'll see it on the ground next to the drop kit. Sometimes though, it will be rolling around and you'll have to find it (normally in the middle somewhere).


*This is an excellent place to get the "Killer News" killshot.*




*Achievement Unlocked: Major Malfunction*


(Destroy 50% of the Newsbots in the single player campaign)






Chop-Chopper Achievement: There will be a helicopter that comes to attack you right at or after getting the previous bot. Learn where it comes from and reload your checkpoint as needed until you get this achievement. It's best to shoot it as it's flying by the first time, since the enemy you need to kill is actually on the side and on a turret. There is a Drop Kit at the start of this checkpoint, so make sure you have your sniper and a charge for it. Even if you miss as long as the explosion knocks the enemy out of the helicopter you will get the achievement.






[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6YIrEndbKw]YouTube - Bulletstorm: Chop-Chopper Achievement[/ame]



Newsbot 15/28: After the plant takes down the aircraft and you fight the mini-boss, you'll have to go up some steps. Turn around and you'll see the helicopter that crashed (this is on your left). Up the mini set of stairs from the crash is the bot, laying on the ground.






Swarm 14/21: After the bot, the swarm is up more steps high up on the right. When you shoot the explosive nearby it will take all of the electroflies out. You may happen to get this without trying/noticing.






Om Nom Nom! Achievement: Once you get all the way up the steps and into the building with lots of plant life, you'll see the Nom parasites and a flytrap in front of it. Just go kick the Nom into the flytrap.






Swarm 15/21: Once you've gotten through the plant area, you'll see these to the right at a dead end (this is about 93M from objective).






Chapter 3: Itchin' To Crumble


Newsbots - 2

Swarm - 1



Swarm 16/21: Shortly after starting the level, you'll come to a hotel with a big purple neon sign. To the right of that sign is the swarm.






Newsbot 16/28: Inside the hotel, you will get to a point where you need to slide down. Before you do so, look to the left and you'll see a knocked over newsbot in the dooryway there.






Newsbot 17/28: You'll be walking and suddenly drop down through some red doors. The newbots is right in front of you.






No Man Left Behind Achievement: At the end of the level you'll have a timer show up on top of the screen. You will have 30 seconds to reach the button and escape. Along the way you will see two unlucky enemies. Kill those two and you'll get the achievement upon pressing the button.




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Act 5: Burnout Paradise



Chapter 1: Crash Resistant

Newsbots - 2

Swarm - 1



Newsbot 18/28: You'll see this ahead of you when you start the level.






Swarm 17/21 & Newsbot 19/28: Before getting on the monorail, run down in front of it and turn left. You will see both the swarm and the bot in an area you can't reach. Shoot them.






Chapter 2: How Do We Solve That?

Newsbots - 1

Swarm - 1



Newsbot 20/28 & Swarm 18/21: After fighting off the new enemies, you'll enter the building and see the bot on the ground in front of you. Right at the entrance that you came through, look to your right to spot a little area you can walk in. Go down to the end and kick the obstacle down to get to the swarm.






Chapter 3: I See We're All A Bit Upset

Newsbots - 2

Swarm - 0



Newsbot 21/28: After traveling a bit through the level, you'll exit the underground area and see this bot right in your path.






Newsbot 22/28: This is another bot that will be in your path. After defeating a mini-boss you'll go into a small building and have to press a button to open the door. The bot is in the same room.






Red Barrels Achievement: This will be at the very end of the act you will be in a helicopter on a gun. There are red barrels spread around the rooftops and you will need to shoot all of them. It's best to just play this on the easiest difficulty in chapter select, focusing mostly on the barrels as much as you can. Trying on the harder difficulties may cause a lot of frustration.

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Act 6: To The Ulysses


Chapter 1: Daddy'll Get You Out


Newsbots - 2

Swarm - 0



Newsbot 23/28: As you run through the hallways you will spot this one easily.






Newsbot 24/28: Another very easy to find bot. Continue on and eventually you will come to a big carpeted staircase. Once you get to the bottom you will see it.






Chapter 2: Bad Trouble A Knockin'


Newsbots - 1

Swarm - 1



Newsbot 25/28: You'll be going through a narrow area with a bunch of enemies streaming towards you. After passing the part with a bunch of explosives canisters, you'll go through a door and to your left you will see the bot up a little bit by the railing.






Swarm 19/21: Shorly after above, there will be a scene while riding across on a platform. While the two are talking, you will notice these as you pass by. Once you get off, turn around and shoot them.






Chapter 3: Ponderin' Them Bodies



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Act 7: Departure


Chapter 1: That Thing's Leaving Without Us


Newsbots - 2

Swarm - 2



Newsbot 26/28: You'll enter a place called Deep Space Cafe. The bot is in your path as you go through.






Swarm 20/21: Right after you exit the above Deep Space Cafe, you'll see them to your right.






Newsbot 27/28: After seperating from the others, you'll be on top floor and they will be below fighting. Continue on until your outside and on the left you'll see a blue sign and two doors you can go through on your left. The bot is in the second one.






Swarm 21/21: After fighting the 4 mini-bosses and getting to the cargo hold, you'll be crawling through a vent and have to kick open the vent panel. To your left is the final swarm.



Pest Control Achievement: You will get this after obtaining the last swarm.






I Might Be Late Achievement: There will be a timer that starts giving you 2 minutes to get to the ship. You will have to kill all enemies inbetween there. There are roughly 15 or so enemies you will have to kill. Make sure you kill the enemies that are running to the jumpship at the end, you cannot let them board. If the two enemies that take off to escape get too far, they will become invincible and impossible to kill. I would suggest using the drill gun and the thumper when needed.






[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU0hX3zLyEw]YouTube - Bulletstorm: I Might Be Late Achievement[/ame]




Chapter 2: I Don't Hold You Accountable


Newsbots - 1

Swarm - 0



Newsbot 28/28: You'll be running up an a bunch of destroyed areas and there will be a comment about making it before the enemy does. As you make your way up you'll see to your right an open door. The bot will either be inside or eventually make it's way out while you're attacking the enemies that are far off. If it's moving, make sure you shoot it before it falls off the ledge.


Total Malfunction Achievement: After destroying the last bot, you will gain the achievement.






Just One Last Thing Achievement: The end sequence of the game has you another countdown. You must kill all enemies while going through. The best thing to do is just use Thumper to kill everything (holding :lbbut:). Buy them if you need them. You'll only have to use it 2-3 times if you kill a few of the start enemies. If not, 4-5 will do the trick and make this effortless.





[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFBq_5xSb-M]YouTube - Bulletstorm: Just One Last Thing Achievement[/ame]

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*Note: This is untrue for skill shots, which you must hit a checkpoint for them to be marked on your list.


Actually, they are saved, but only their discovery - if you die, performing the skillshot again will consider it a new skillshot and give the 5x bonus.

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Actually, they are saved, but only their discovery - if you die, performing the skillshot again will consider it a new skillshot and give the 5x bonus.



That explains why when I got 25% of them and unlocked the achievment, the numbers seemed off when counting. I had wondered about this. So as long as you have done them all, it will be unlocked. The checkmarks themselves are for the bonus, which is why when I went on a different difficulty finding a bot, it shows them as unlocked but not "done".

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That explains why when I got 25% of them and unlocked the achievment, the numbers seemed off when counting. I had wondered about this. So as long as you have done them all, it will be unlocked. The checkmarks themselves are for the bonus, which is why when I went on a different difficulty finding a bot, it shows them as unlocked but not "done".


That is correct.


Also, keep in mind that dropkits will always show the number of skillshots you've discovered out of the total 131. Manually counting them is an unnecessary irritation. ;)

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94eZwfdGJ6E]YouTube - BulletStorm : Total Malfunction Achievement Guide HD[/ame]




[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR31wJ4Yi20]YouTube - BulletStorm : Pest Control Achievement Guide HD[/ame]

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I uploaded all of the pictures I could see to the site. If you remove those from your photobucket I may be able to see others and upload those for you as well.


Deleted a couple, not sure it will help. Only had about a hundred pictures. Photobucket gives you 10GB but it counts against you every time someone looks at ta page with hosted pictures I guess. I will continue the descriptions and saving photos to my hard drive for now at least.

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Deleted a couple, not sure it will help. Only had about a hundred pictures. Photobucket gives you 10GB but it counts against you every time someone looks at ta page with hosted pictures I guess. I will continue the descriptions and saving photos to my hard drive for now at least.
It did work as I was able to load up quite a few more. Almost have them all on the site now.
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Great start, looking forward to the finished product. Are you planning on doing a bottle location guide?


I doubt it as in Act 2 you can find 2 of them, drink/smash them, then restart the checkpoint and you'll be right next too them again, so you repeat the process.


Everyones pretty much doing it to get the achievement out the way and not many people are looking for them because you can do this. So it'll be a waste.. In my opinion.

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Deleted more, though account says I have used 12.5 GB and have had 53K views in my weekly stats. : / It will reset on March 1st which happens to be my next day off work. I will still attempt it, and maybe email you the other pictures when I get the chance so you can upload. Thanks a ton for your help

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