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Gears Online Multiplayer Guide


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I was going to write this a long time ago, but I got caught up in a few other things and I forgot about it. First off, all my strategies and opinions are my own, and I'm aware there will be people with differing strategies. Feel free to disagree, just keep it constructive. I'm writing this solely to help out people who are having trouble competing online. I'll be covering everything from weapons to maps and basic teamwork skills, and I'll add some videos once I get my 360 back from Microsoft.


Just so you know these strategies are credible, I'll give you a little background info about me. I've been playing since Emergence Day, and I've spent some time on professional sponsored teams. I capped out my all-time execution rank at around 20 a couple months ago, and I've hit number one on the weekly execution boards twice. Back in my prime, I used to pull 30-40 kills out of a ten round game in pretty much every game I played, off host and on.


Most of the strategies are written with the Execution game mode in mind, although they'll work in any game mode for the most part.


Work in progress. Much more will be added over the next few days and weeks.


Basic Tips


-First, and most important, find some good friends to play with. I can't stress enough just how important this is. Not only does playing with friends make the game more fun, it'll save you a lot of headaches. Most random teams you get stuck on will suck, and you'll likely be playing against a stacked team. They will be communicating and coming up with strategies on the fly, and if your team's not doing the same, your chances are slim.


If you don't have any friends with the game, just play some player matches and meet some people. Be friendly, cause if you just sit there with your mic muted, you won't meet anyone. You're bound to meet some people eventually, don't be afraid to send a friend request to people you want to play with again.


-Play some player matches before you start playing Ranked. If you go into a ranked match before you get some practice, you probably won't last long. Keep in mind these guys have been playing this game a lot, and they know all the tricks. You're also likely to get chewed out by your team if you go into a ranked match and you don't know the basics.


-Know when to switch your guns, and which one's appropriate in a given situation. I'll go further indepth into the weapons later on. But the most important aspect of Gears is to know what weapon's appropriate at a certain time. If you're firing on someone less than a foot away from you with the lancer while they're shooting you with the shotgun, your chances aren't good, and your team won't be pleased with you.


-Find out who the host is whenever you play a game. If you can't find out, just watch and he'll reveal himself eventually. In your average game, the host will usually be the guy with the best kill:death ratio. This is because the host has zero lag, while everyone else has to cope with a latency delay. This makes the host harder to hit, and his bullets will be exactly where he intended them to be when he shot his gun. Everyone else in the game has to lead their shots a bit to hit where they want.


Using Cover Effectively


The cover system is simple, and you're sure to have learned how to use it fairly effectively in the campaign. Cover's used a bit differently in the online game though. Cover is most often used to save your ass before you're about to go down, or to lure your opponent into a trap.


There's numerous uses for cover, but here's a few good tips:


-Use cover to avoid power weapons. Going into cover at the right time can save your ass from a sniper or getting your face blown off by a boomshot. If you see someone with a torque bow, sniper rifle, or the boomshot staring at you, get into cover fast-like. Stay put until the opportunity arises for you to make your escape. Fighting someone with a power weapon with the lancer or shotgun puts you at a disadvantage, so get one of your own or get some backup before you try to take that guy out.


-Learn how to effectively blindfire with every weapon. One blindfire shot from cover with the shotgun to an unsuspecting foe can end them instantly if you aim it right. Blindfire is also excellent for weakening an opponent up before they can get to your position. By the time they get to you, they'll be hurt enough to give you a clear advantage.


-Never ever blindfire on someone with the sniper rifle locked on to you. They can pop your head off from a mile away if you're blindfiring, because you become partially exposed.


-Remember to stay off the edge of walls while you're in cover unless you're trying to blindfire around the side. If you're on the edge of the wall, you become exposed. One shot from the torque bow, sniper rifle, or boomshot and you're out for that round.


-Learn how to roadie run off the edge of walls. This is the best way to catch someone by surprise, and you can usually get away with a quick chainsaw or a one hit kill with the shotgun once you learn how to time it right. To roadie run off walls, press right or left until your character can't move any further in that direction and then press up and then A to start roadie running straight ahead.


Working as a Team


Gears of War is a team game, and if you don't play well with others, you won't get far in Ranked matches. A good team will be communicating throughout the match, moving together as a unit, watching each other's backs, and sharing weapons. If you can't do all that, you're going to bring your team down and likely lose the match. Always bring at least one buddy into a match, and stay with him at all times.


These are just some fundamental tips:


-Don't be greedy over weapons. If someone else is better with a gun on your team, let him use it. If you suck with the sniper rifle and someone else on your team's a deadeye, you're only bringing the team down if you pick it up every round. Negotiate over weapons, and take turns with them. You'll get your achievements eventually, so don't sacrifice your team in a rush to get them.


-Know when and where to revive. If you choose to revive a teammate when their body is being covered, you're going to get yourself killed along with him. Never revive someone if there's an enemy right on top of him with a shotgun, or there's someone lurking around the corner with the boomshot. As soon as you bend over to revive him, they're going to kill him and then you before either of you can stand up. If you can revive a teammate from behind cover, go for it, but if he's in the open and surrounded, leave him.


-Always give exact descriptions of where the enemy is as soon as you see them. Even if it's just one guy. That way, if you get killed, someone on your team will be there to exact vengeance. If there's more than one enemy, hold off until backup arrives, or run away if you run out of time. Never fight more than one enemy unless you have a power weapon or you have no other choice.


-Learn how to outmaneuver the enemy. If your teammates call for backup at a certain location, try to take the back way if the coast is clear to catch the enemy off guard and get them pincered in. Almost every location on every map has two entrances, so use the back entrance to surprise them. Let your team know what you're doing so they know when to move in.


-Don't chase enemies, and if you do, keep an eye out for hidden enemies lurking around corners. People will often run back to their teammates who're just waiting to pick you off when you run around the corner like rambo. Also, never follow someone who's chasing someone. Break off from the pack, and cut the enemy off. He can run you in circles all day if someone doesn't cut off his escape route.

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Snub Pistol




Advantages: Starting weapon, rapid fire, strong melee


Disadvantages: Low damage, not much use in most situations


When to use it: If you're running low on ammo with your other weapons, or you ditched your lancer for a power weapon. Also good for meleeing, as two hits will bring an opponent to their knees.


When not to use it: Pretty much any time you have a better weapon available.


Active Reload: Double damage


The pistol is a fairly weak weapon, however you do start with it and it has some uses. In your standard firefight, the pistol is nearly worthless. If you try to gun down someone with a lancer or shotgun while they're shooting at you, you'll likely lose. However it can take an opponent's head off if you score a headshot while their health is low, and if you're accurate you can down someone fairly fast by rapidly firing it.


It also has the advantage of a strong melee, and if you hit someone with it once you can hit them again to down them before they can even move. This is considered fairly cheap, albeit a solid tactic if you're fighting someone with the shotgun or a power weapon at close range. Just remember if they hit you while you're swinging at them you will get stunned, which usually means lights out.


Lancer Assault Rifle





Advantages: Starting weapon, automatic fire, excellent for suppressive fire, chainsaw


Disadvantages: Mediocre damage, bad for close combat


When to use it: Enemy's at medium range


When not to use it: Close combat


Active Reload: Double damage


The Lancer is easily the most underrated weapon in the game. Very few people use it, which is to your advantage if you can use it effectively. The Lancer can be extremely effective if you can properly utilize it and the cover system. From a medium distance, the lancer is invaluable if you can connect with your shots. The Lancer is terrible in close combat however, so you should almost always switch to the shotgun if the fight gets too close. The only time you should keep the Lancer out in close combat is if you've already weakened the opponent before they got to you, at which point you should circle strafe around them while firing the lancer from the hip. Never stand still while doing this, as one well placed shotgun hit will gib you.


I'll just throw this in here because some people have trouble figuring out the chainsaw at first. To use the chainsaw, hold the B button in, don't just tap it. Once it's revved up and in the air with smoke coming from it, you're ready to chop some fools up.




-If you're playing with a friend, a duo with lancers equipped is just about the best tactic in the game. People do not know how to properly use their lancers in most case, and they won't know how to react. Both of you get behind cover, and lay into any enemies you see. You'll down them almost instantly. Communicate back and forth and make sure you're both on the same target. Generally you want to go for whoever's closest to you.


-The Lancer is weak without an active reload. Normally what I'll do is empty out my clip by laying down suppressive fire, and wait to start really going on the offensive until I have an active reload. Managing your active reloads is key to successfully using the Lancer.


-Never use the lancer on someone with a power weapon. Snipers will drop you with an active reload or take your head off, and you're an easy target for the torque bow or boomshot.


-Stay mobile if you're taking return fire. Can't stress this enough, do not sit there aiming at your opponent if he's shooting back. You'll get dropped in seconds if you don't keep moving.


-Don't be a chainsaw noob. Yes, it's hella fun, but it's only a viable tactic in very specific circumstances. You should really only use the chainsaw on an opponent if you catch him offguard. If he's looking at you, or worse yet firing at you, don't even think about revving your chainsaw.


-If you've hurt your enemy a lot while he's rushing you, don't switch to another gun when he gets close. When he gets within about 10 feet, stop aiming at him manually and start shooting from the hip while strafing around him. You'll likely down him before he can get you with the shotgun. Keep at least a 5-10 foot distance so he can't melee you, and if he does, hit him once to stun him then drop back to manual aim to down him.


-The chainsaw is the perfect weapon for catching enemies offguard. If you're hiding behind cover, wait until you see the enemy run your way. When he gets within 5 feet or so, just hit the B button to rev the chainsaw WITHOUT pressing the analog stick to come off the wall. Proceed to turn him into bite size chunks.



Gnasher Shotgun




Advantages: Starting weapon, capable of killing in one hit at close range


Disadvantages: Terrible from any kind of distance, random damage

When to use it: Close combat


When not to use it: Whenever your target's more than 10-20 feet away


Active Reload: Double damage


The Gnasher is most Gears players' bread and butter. It's insanely powerful at close range, and can kill an enemy with one well placed shot. Many players stick solely to this gun simply because you start with it, and most people don't know how to effectively use the Lancer. I personally only use it when absolutely neccesary, because most Shotgun fights come down to luck. The Shotgun's damage is randomized, so part of it comes down to luck.


The key to effectively using the shotgun is acrobatics. You need to be moving as much as possible around your opponent to keep out of their crosshairs. You should never aim with the shotgun if you're taking return fire. Shoot from the hip to maximize your mobility. You should only manually aim when you're not taking fire or you're sneaking up on someone.




-Master the active reload. Your shots will do twice as much damage, which is invaluable in a shotgun battle.


-Learn how to roll. If you're rolling around your enemy, you're going to be damn hard to hit. Learn how to roll around and fire as soon as you stand up.


-For god's sake, switch to another weapon if your enemy gets more than 20 feet away. The shotgun is worthless at a distance, and any fleeing enemy will almost certainly get away if you don't switch to a long range weapon.


-Learn how to blindfire around corners. A well timed shot from behind cover can gib your enemy instantly while keeping you safe behind cover.


-When fighting multiple enemies, keep them all in front of you. Don't let yourself get boxed in with shotguns going off all around you, it won't end pretty. Keep repositioning yourself to keep them all in your sight.


-If you're up close and personal in a shotgun fight, melee the opponent right after he fires a shot to stun him, and then finish him off with a well placed shot. Do not ever try to melee twice with the shotgun as you would with the pistol or any other gun, it doesn't work.






Advantages: Makes things go boom, can stick to your target if you melee with them


Disadvantages: Stuck enemies can kill you and your teammates if they get too close


When to use: Useful in any medium or close range conflict


When not to use: Anytime you may be hit in the blast radius


Active Reload: None


Grenades are one of the most versatile and lethal weapons in the game. They're also the most commonly found weapon you can pick up. While many people use them, not many use them well. Grenade tagging is commonly looked down upon as "noobish", but in the right circumstances it's a viable tactic that can net you an easy kill. Just make sure you run like hell as soon as you tag someone, because they're going to be chasing you trying to give you a hug.


One common mistake people tend to make is to manually aim with the grenades with the left trigger. While this is good in some circumstances, it's not a good idea if you want to get good at the grenades. You should learn how to blind throw them by tapping the right trigger, and figure out what arch they'll go in without the aim assistance. This will allow you to toss two grenades back to back, which is almost a guaranteed kill. When throwing grenades at an opponent, always throw one right in front of them and another right behind them. This will box them in, leaving them no chance to escape the blasts. Below is a diagram I drew up.



I know, I'm like Picasso.




-Don't waste your nades, you only get two. Make sure you're going to hit someone with them before you throw them.


-If you're going to tag, do it right. Stay hidden or sneak up on an enemy before tagging, or tag them as they turn a corner, and then start running. Don't just charge into the open like you're the Jr. Al-Qaeda and try to tag someone across the map. You'll just embarass yourself.


-If you're about to die and you know you're not gonna get back up, toss your nades at the enemy's feet and one at your feet. Not only will you rob them of their kill, there's a good chance you'll kill them too when they run over to finish you.


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Maps Available: Gridlock, Escalation, Fuel Depot, Mansion


Advantages: Excellent at any range, can quickly down an opponent, strong melee


Disadvantages: Hard to learn to use effectively


When to use it: Works best at close range


When not to use it: Damage tapers off at long distances, so keep it holstered for enemies at a distance


Active Reload: Double damage


The Hammerburst is probably the least used weapon in the game. People very, very rarely use it. But in the right hands, it's lethal. It fires in short bursts, and with an active reload you can down someone in 3-4 bursts easily. It also can down enemies in 2 melee hits. The best way to use it is in close combat. When an enemy gets close, hit them with one or two bursts and then melee them. They'll go down instantly, leaving them no time to retaliate.


Boltok Pistol


Maps Available: Clocktower, Escalation, Mausoleum


Advantages: High damage, can take an opponent's head off


Disadvantages: Slow fire rate, small active reload window, only 6 shots per clip


When to use it: When you feel like going Dirty Harry on some bitches


When not to use it: When any other option is available


Active Reload: Double Damage


The Boltok is possibly the worst weapon in the game. It's slow fire rate makes it nearly useless unless you're damn accurate. It dishes out some serious damage, and can take off an opponent's head with a well placed shot, but it's hard to use effectively. It's best to avoid this weapon and only use it when you feel like messing around with it.


The Longshot




Maps Available: Canals, Clocktower, Escalation, Gridlock, Fuel Depot, Mansion, War Machine, Mausoleum, Rooftops, Old Bones, Process, Bullet Marsh, Garden, Subway


Advantages: The best weapon for long range combat, instant headshot kills, one-hit downs with active reloads, strong melee, 4x zoom


Disadvantages: One shot per clip


When to use it: Any medium-long distance firefight.


When not to use it: Close combat


Active Reload: One hit will down an enemy instantly


The Longshot is quite possibly the best weapon in the game when put in the right hands. When wielded by a skilled sniper, you can become nearly impossible to kill. I've killed off an entire enemy team in a 4v1 situation more times than I can count with the Longshot. Between the one shot downs, melee attacks, and of course headshots, the Longshot is a lethal weapon. It comes down to skill and practice really, because if you're not very accurate, the Longshot isn't even worth picking up.


Tips for using the Longshot:


-Active reloads are your best friend with the Longshot. Use them, and use them often.


-Make sure you keep as much distance between yourself and your target as possible. Running is almost always your best option if the enemy gets too close. Fire off a shot while you're running away, get the active reload while you keep running, then turn around and down your pursuer. Even with 4 people chasing you, you can pick each one off individually by doing this.


-Take your time. Don't give away your position and waste a round if you don't have a clear shot. If your enemy's unaware of your presence, wait for him to stop running and then take his head off.


-Always lead your shot. Take lag into consideration when aiming for a moving target. It's hard to judge where your shot will land sometimes, but with practice you'll get the hang of it.


-Put the damn sniper away when the enemy's on top of you. Pull out your shotgun. If you try to shoot someone at close range while they're on top of you with the shotgun, 9 times out of 10 you'll end up splattered all over the wall.


Tips for fighting someone with the Longshot:


-Don't get yourself killed by firing on someone locked on to you with the sniper rifle. They've probably got an active reload waiting for you, so if you see them just staring at you, stay behind cover for about 20 seconds until their active reload wears off and then make your move.


-Use cover effectively. In between shots, advance a little bit at a time. When he turns to run, start chasing and get behind cover when he turns around.


-Make them waste their shots. A good trick is to repeatedly press the left trigger to pop your head in and out of cover. They'll take the bait most of the time, and waste their shot. As soon as you see the bullet fly over your head, move forward or retreat.


-Use your smoke grenade wisely. Blind throw it in their line of sight to cover your ass while you fall back to a better position.


-Never get close enough for them to melee you. Stay just out of their melee range if you're using the shotgun.


Torque Bow




Maps Available: Canals, Rooftops, Mausoleum, Tyro Station, War Machine, Process, Bullet Marsh, Subway


Advantages: Excellent accuracy, instant kills, viable at any distance, laser target


Disadvantages: Small time frame to shoot after the string's pulled back, can kill the shooter if the target is too close, slow to aim with


When to use it: Any distance


When not to use it: If you have it, use it. Just don't blow yourself up.


Active Reload: Faster aim speed


The Torque Bow is just flat out cool. It's also one of the most efficient weapons in the game when properly used. You can also pull off multi-kills if your target is next to a teammate when the arrows explodes, so keep that in mind if you see several enemies clustered together.




-Learn how to time your shots and pull back the string only when you're certain you can hit your target before they dip into cover. If they get behind cover and they're sitting behind a wall on the corner, shoot the floor next to them and it'll damage them and possibly kill them.


-In close combat, don't bother manually aiming, just aim from the hip. The torque bow aims too slowly to hit a moving target up close, so don't try it. It's tough at first, but once you get good at it you should be able to hit your mark.


-If you're waiting to ambush an enemy, wait until they're in the open and away from cover to start charging the bow. They can hear you pull it back, so if they're near cover they'll get behind it when they hear you.


-Learn how to blindfire over low walls. The torque bow is the most accurate weapon for blindfiring, and it's the easiest to tell where your shot's going to go. With a little practice, you can hit your mark almost every time.


-Don't forget that you need to charge the bow for a few seconds before you fire. If you just tap the right trigger, the arrow will literally fall out of the bow and blow up at your feet.


Tips for fighting someone with the Torque Bow:


-As soon as you hear that bow charging or see the orange light, get your ass behind cover pronto. Once the arrow inevitably gets fired, then make your move. Don't try to dodge the arrows, because if you're facing someone good with the torque bow, they won't miss.


-Your window to act is immediately after an arrow's fired. The bow takes a moment to reload, and another few seconds to charge up. If you're close to the enemy, this is when you want to charge or hit him with whatever long range weapon you've got.


-Remember the Bow only has 6 shots. If all else fails, force the enemy to waste them until he's out of ammo. Then take out your lancer and go to work on him from a distance. Most people drop their lancer in favor of a power weapon, so all he's got is his shotgun and his pistol. Use his range limitations to your advantage.



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The Boomshot




Maps Available: Clocktower, Gridlock, Mansion, Mausoleum, Old Bones, Process, Subway, Bullet Marsh, Garden


Advantages: Makes stuff go boom.


Disadvantages: Can make you go boom. You only get two shots.


When to use it: At a safe distance


When not to use it: When you're too close to the blast radius.


The Boomshot is my personal favorite. It lacks the finesse of say, the Longshot or the Torque Bow, but for what it lacks in that department it makes up for in sheer blow-shit-up potential. One shot will send an assortment of limbs and unrecognizable chunks of any enemies unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast into the stratosphere.




-Conserve your ammo. You only get two shots, so make them count. Wait until you're absolutely sure you'll hit your target to fire. Better yet, try to catch multiple enemies close together to frag them all.


-For the love of God, never blindfire with the Boomshot. You'll most likely end up blowing yourself up, or missing your mark by miles.


-Blowing yourself up isn't always a bad thing. If you're trapped in a corner, give your assailants a hug and pull the trigger. I call that move "The Ole' Al-qaeda". This works especially well if everyone else is dead and it's a 1v1 situation. You get the kill, your team gets the win, and the other guy gets pissed.


-Remember the Boomshot fires in an arc. If you're shooting someone at a distance, aim slightly higher than where you want your shot to land.


-Aim for the feet until you master firing the boomshot. You'll probably kill the target, and if not, you'll most likely down him.


-If you see a downed enemy, wait a few seconds and hide to see if someone from his team comes to revive him. As soon as he bends over to pick him up, nail the downed guy with the boomshot for the double-kill.


Tips for fighting someone with the Boomshot:


-Get as far away as possible. One on one with someone who can use the Boomshot, you don't stand a chance in most scenarios. Set up an ambush with the chainsaw when you lose him. The oaf will probably come trudging along the corner a few seconds later.


-Use the blast radius to your advantage if you can't get away. Get up close and don't back off at all. He'll either suicide in the hopes of taking you with him, or he'll try to melee you.


-If you've got teammates closeby, scramble and try to pincer him in. He may get one of you, but the other will probably get the kill. Don't stay together for any reason, or you're setting yourself up for a double-kill.


Hammer of Dawn




Maps Available: Fuel Depot, Rooftops, Tyro Station, Garden


Advantages: It's a satellite gun. 'Nuff said.


Disadvantages: Takes a long time to lock on, can only be used out in the open, enemies can hear it locking on, lock-on process is buggy and will interrupt itself


When to use it: Anytime you're outside and there's an enemy in the distance


When not to use it: Close range, indoors


The Hammer of Dawn is the most devastating weapon in the game. The blast radius is tremendous, and anyone caught in it will be vaporized. The hammer continues to fire in a burst for a few seconds afterwards, allowing you to adjust your aim and take out any survivors. The downside is that it takes forever to lock-on, and for some reason the process is bugged and will start over for no apparent reason. It's also only available on four maps, and can only be used out in the open.




-The most common mistake people make is to manually aim the hammer. This is unnecessary, because it's much more efficient to fire from the hip while you're running around. This allows you to stay mobile to hunt targets down, and gives you better control over the beam once it's fired.


-Lead your shots significantly. If you're aiming at someone across the map, aim where you think he'll be when the hammer actually fires, not where he's currently at. The blast radius is big enough that there's room for error here.


-Find high ground. The hammer is most effective when you're aiming at people below you.


-Remember the hammer doesn't hurt your teammates. If you see a teammate in trouble, blast him with the Hammer of Dawn to clear out the enemies. This also works when your teammate is downed. Drop the Hammer on him to give him time to get up and kill any enemies trying to finish him off.


Tips for fighting someone with the Hammer:


-First and foremost, get under a roof when you see the hammer get picked up. He can't shoot it indoors, and you don't want to get stuck outside with a hammer locked on to you.


-If you hear that "boop boop boop", stop what you're doing and run like hell behind anything that can obstruct the targeting laser.


-Cover will not save you in most cases if the hammer gets dropped onto it. Get behind cover, but keep moving behind it so the cover's between you and the enemy. If you're twenty feet behind whatever's obstructing you and him, he can't hit you if he can't see you for the most part. Once you stop hearing the hammer-lock sound, get the hell out of there.


-Remember the hammer needs to cooldown before it can be fired again. Once you see the beam stop, you have time to run away.


-If you're feeling brave, you can down the hammer wielder with most long range weapons before he can get it off. The sniper rifle works particularly well, because most people will sit there motionless with the hammer while they're firing it. Use their mistake to your benefit.


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Available Weapons: Torque Bow, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Boltok Pistol


Canals is the quintessential sniper map. With two sniper rifles conveniently placed on elevated bridges, it's a sniper's dream. The downside to this, is there's usually only one sniper left after the first thirty seconds, giving the team with the surviving sniper a distinct advantage. Control over the torque bow is key here, because the team with a good archer is likely going to win the round if they get control of the bow. The grenades on the middle bridge can help sway the fight's outcome as well, since whoever picks them up can lob them down at the enemy below or make a swift retreat and set up tag ambushes.


Points of Conflict:


Point A - In the water under the middle bridge is the Torque Bow. You and at least one teammate should cover the Torque with Lancer fire and attempt to pick it up when the coast is clear. Avoid taking cover behind the blocks under the middle bridge, as the enemy sniper can take your head off. Keep an eye out on point B while you're in the water so you don't get ambushed from the side.


Point B - Generally, staying in this area for too long is a no-no unless you're utilizing cover effectively. The enemy sniper has a clear shot all the way down the line to your sniper bridge, and if they stay on their sniper bridge they have a leverage advantage, so they can pop your head off from behind cover. It's best to rush this area as fast as possible if you take this route, so you can get to the middle bridge or launch an ambush on Point A before the Sniper has time to get positioned.


Point C - This is the safest route, as there's plenty of cover and you're pretty much hidden from the action in the Canal. Use this route to grab the grenades, or attempt to ambush the enemy sniper. Keep an eye out while running down this tunnel, as the enemy sniper will have a clear shot on you from their side if you keep your head up for too long. Generally, you want to retreat to this area after picking up the grenades.




-Keep an eye out for snipers, always. Before you take cover in one spot for too long, always think about whether or not the enemy sniper can get you there. This map is all about the sniper rifles, so don't forget that.


-The grenades are extremely effective here. They're best utilized when the enemy is tending to flock to either Point A or Point C. If they're in Point A, lob grenades down onto them from the middle bridge. This will cause them to scramble, potentially kill a couple, and provide a distraction for your team to grab the Torque Bow. If they're in Point C, use the confined space to your advantage. Lob grenades in a line in front of and behind them to trap them in the blast, or set up an ambush and get ready to tag them.


-When you grab the Torque Bow, hightail it back to your side of Point A. Once the enemy sniper sees that bow get picked up, he'll be zooming in on the area right away if he wasn't already. Climb up the ledge to get to Point B, or use the stairs in the water to get up to Point C.


-If you're sniping, make sure you keep your teammates below covered. If you see one get downed, lock in on him asap to keep enemies off him until he recovers. Also, a good idea is to move down to Point A once you've picked up the sniper rifle. The enemy usually doesn't expect this, and you have a clear shot all the way down the canal.


-You should always keep two people at Point A when the round starts, with one person grabbing the sniper and the last person covering Point B or C. Maintaining control over the Torque Bow is essential, but be prepared to fall back if one of your teammates calls for backup at Point B or C.


-Smoke grenades work wonders here. You can throw them to cover yourself while you pick up the Torque Bow, or toss them down the tunnel at Point C to hide your advance and throw off the enemy sniper.






Available Weapons: Boomshot, Boltok Pistol, Grenades, Hammerburst, Sniper Rifle


Clocktower is one of the smallest maps in the game, and a favorite on the pro circuit. With only two points of conflict, teamwork is utilized here more than nearly any other map. This is where skill comes into play, and a team's ability to work together becomes most important. Typically, you want all four members of your team in Point A or B, because if you're split up your odds of winning are cut in half.


Points of Conflict:


Point A - This area is where you get access to the Boomshot and the Grenades. It also provides a nice area for you to take fire from above at Point B without the ability to return fire effectively. If the other team is in Point A as well, use cover wisely to take them out. If you decide to move forward, do it together. If you're taking fire from Point B, whoever's holding the grenades should toss them up top from below to clear out the two ledges above that the enemy can fire from. If you see the sniper get picked up, get the hell out of there and move to Point B.


Point B - This area is where you want to control. While the Boomshot and Grenades are nice, controlling the Sniper rifle on this map is essential. Make sure there's someone on your team watching the stairs behind you to ensure that you don't get hit from the rear. If the other team is in Point B as well, lay into them with Lancer fire while someone grabs the Sniper Rifle. Before picking up the Sniper, throw smoke down the tunnel to cover you before you move in. Pick it up and fall back, then help your team wipe out the enemies above with some headshots.




-Typically, a skilled team will avoid Point A at all costs. It's just strategically inferior to the highly elevated Point B. The Sniper rifle rules this map, and giving it up for the boomshot and grenades isn't a smart move.


-If you're going for the Boomshot, remember you're a sitting duck in the back of that truck for the enemy sniper. Not only that, but you have quite a distance to run before you can get back to safety, giving the sniper ample time to down you with an active reload or pop your head like a grape. Never go for the boomshot with the enemy sniper left unchecked. If you've got the sniper rifle, keep an eye out on the boomshot if Point B is clear.


-Once Point B is cleared out, split your team into two groups to keep an eye on both stairways leading up. When you see enemies coming up the stairs, call for backup and the other team should move to your position. You have the elevation advantage here, use it. It's much harder to get up the stairs than down.

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Available Weapons: Boltok Pistol, Grenades, Hammerburst, Sniper Rifle


Escalation is the only map in the game that isn't symmetrical. By this I mean that the two spawn points are completely different, whereas on every other map, the spawns are basically identical. The bottom spawn point actually has a huge advantage over the top. The bottom spawn point has access to two sniper rifles and 4 sets of grenades. The top spawn point only gets the Hammerburst and Boltok Pistol. Many games on Escalation will be tied up, with both sides winning when they spawn on the bottom and losing when they spawn up top. The winner of the game is generally determined by who can successfully win the most rounds when they spawn up top.


Points of Conflict:


Point A - The Bottom spawn. From here you have access to two sniper rifles, three sets of grenades, and another set of grenades up the stairs in Point B. Point A is also an excellent place to hold your ground if your team starts to die, because you can cover both stairs leading down with the sniper while having the option to run either way to escape any pursuers. Point A can also be held down rather successfully by a whole team, with 2 people on each side. A sniper on each side, guarded by a grenadier is a lethal combination provided the snipers know what they're doing.


Point B - This is where both sides are generally advancing to, and most combat will take place here. If you spawned at the bottom, it's a good idea to lob your grenades up onto Point C. You'll often catch several enemies hiding behind the blocks up there, or force them to fall back. Holding this spot is integral for the offensive team, because you generally don't want to be cornered at the bottom and allow the other team to grab the grenades up here. If the other team gets the grenades, they'll be able to distract your snipers long enough to advance down.


Point C - This is where the defensive team ends up camping most of the time. This is also a huge mistake. Point C is not a good defensive position. On top of having up to 8 grenades dropping on your head, it's not hard for the offensive team to push up the stairs. Avoid staying here as much as possible, and either remain in Point D or advance to Point B quickly.


Point D - This is where the defensive team should set up shop and wait for the offensive team. Everyone on the team should be taking cover behind the big planter in the middle. Never, under any circumstances, take cover up in the front by the arches. You're almost guaranteed to get hit by a grenade or have your head taken off by a sniper. There should be one person with a Lancer on each side of the planter covering each stairway, and one person with a shotgun ready to finish the offensive team off after the Lancers butter them up.




-If you're on offense, make sure everyone has either a sniper rifle, grenades, or both. Use the grenades to flush out spots where enemies may be hiding, and reserve one grenade for when you've located the enemy's team. Snipers should advance with the rest of the team, and keep active reloads ready.


-If you're on defense, use the strategy I explained in the description of Point D. Trust me on this, you will win rounds by doing this. Eventually the enemy will catch on and devise a strategy, but by then it'll probably be too late. Winning on defense is the key to winning matches on Escalation.


-Make sure you're moving as a team. Escalation is probably the worst map in the game to try and go it alone, because the movement is so restricted you're almost guaranteed to run into more than one enemy at a time. This isn't the map to act like Rambo on.

Fuel Depot




Available Weapons: Grenades, Hammerburst, Hammer of Dawn, Sniper Rifle


Fuel Depot's one of my personal favorites, and for good reason. It's not too big, and there's a wide variety of combat elements and strategy involved. Controlling the Hammer of Dawn should be a priority, because you don't want someone on the other team who knows how to use it to pick it up. If the other team gets it, you'll be trapped inside the warehouse or hangar, or stuck outside with a satellite shooting you from space. Neither are good scenarios. Be wary of snipers, and make sure you don't stay out in the open for too long.


Points of Conflict:


Point A - This is where the majority of fighting goes down at the start of the round. People will normally do one of two things here: rush the warehouse's front door, or rush you with shotguns. Snipers also tend to flock to this area, so keep that in mind as well. You're almost guaranteed to find a fight at the piled boxes in front of the warehouse in the middle of Point A. Watch for taggers here too, because grenade taggers seem to love Fuel Depot and they come to Point A because there's almost always someone here.


Point B - The Helipad isn't normally that contested, you'll usually find one, maybe two people here. Normally whoever picks up the grenades used the Helipad to try to get behind the enemy, so watch for them around the Helicopter. Point B is also the best spot for the sniper rifle and the Hammer of Dawn due to its leverage and the fact you can take cover on the railings.


Point C - This is where you want to take control to gain the greatest advantage. The Hammer of Dawn is located right in the middle of the warehouse, and someone on your team should grab it at the first chance. The quickest way inside is through the front door, but you should have at least one person with you if not more. It's safer to go through the back, but it takes a few seconds longer. There's plenty of cover and oppurtunity for ambushes inside the warehouse, so this is an optimal place to set up shop.




-Control the Hammer of Dawn and the warehouse, and control the map. My team used to have all four people rush in through the front door at the start of the round, which worked quite well. If you're not meeting much resistance, one person can grab the sniper rifle or the grenades.


-The propane tank next to the Hammer of Dawn is explosive. Use this to your advantage. If someone on the other team's grabbing the Hammer, pop a round into the tank to take it back. They'll either die instantly, or take quite a bit of damage depending on where they're at.


-If you've got the Hammer of Dawn or the Sniper rifle, the Helipad is a perfect place to set up shop. Have a teammate watch your back if possible, and pick the enemy off one by one.


-The gas station next to the helipad can be blown up with the Hammer of Dawn once per game. If there's a bunch of enemies over there, drop the Hammer on it. Sometimes you can get a kill from it if they're next to the van or the gas pumps, or you'll damage them substantially.


-Grenade tagging and the chainsaw work wonders here. There's so many places to hide. Yeah, the other team will bitch and moan, but tagging is a legitimate way to get kills. If they don't know how to stop someone from tagging them, that's their problem. Besides, half the fun of shooters is to piss off the other team.

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Available Weapons - Grenades, Hammerburst, Boomshot, Longshot


Ah, Gridlock, the most popular map in Gears of War. Around the time of release, it was hard to find a match that wasn't on Gridlock. People tend to flock to Gridlock because of its relatively small size, and the fact that the map is so wide open it's hard to find cover or hide, which makes rounds go much quicker than on some maps. I'm personally not too fond of it, because it's more about twitchy trigger fingers here than strategy and teamwork.


Points of Conflict:


Point A - This point's not quite as contested as Point B or C usually, but there's a good chance at least one person will go here every round. Usually people will try to grab the grenades and run, so it's wise to wait for them to bend over to pick them up before you let them know you're there. If the other team is flocking to Point B to grab the sniper rifle, which is the most common scenario, Point B can be used to quickly get around behind them to catch them offguard.


Point B - This is where the majority of the fighting usually goes down on Gridlock. There's always at least one person up here, and usually two or three. While you don't want to let them get the sniper rifle, if they're overpowering you here just let them have it and pray none of them are good with it. Teams that flock the sniper rifle will usually leave the Boomshot unguarded, so head to Point C instead.


Point C -

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Not bad, you took some time to put this in, but no offence it's not the best guide i have seen but, i do say that it is a well put together guide. Well done.;)


Ah, I've barely even gotten started. All that's in right now is the basics and some weapon strats. I have 4 or 5 more posts to fill in with info. Still have the maps and the advanced stuff to do, as well as videos when I get my 360 back from Microsoft.


Still, I doubt it'll ever be the best guide out there. And it's hard to really describe how to play the game with max efficiency. It's kind of just something I do, and can't really explain. But with how many people I see in online games that don't know what they're doing, and how many people I see on the forums asking for advice, I didn't think it'd hurt to post up a guide for it.

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Ah, I've barely even gotten started. All that's in right now is the basics and some weapon strats. I have 4 or 5 more posts to fill in with info. Still have the maps and the advanced stuff to do, as well as videos when I get my 360 back from Microsoft.


Still, I doubt it'll ever be the best guide out there. And it's hard to really describe how to play the game with max efficiency. It's kind of just something I do, and can't really explain. But with how many people I see in online games that don't know what they're doing, and how many people I see on the forums asking for advice, I didn't think it'd hurt to post up a guide for it.


Oh defenatly, i am not saying it sucks, but other wise yeah great guide to those new people and if people just want tips out there. Nobodys guide can be the best.;)

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Nice post did you coy and paste or do it all your self?!!?


That's all me my friend. Except the maps, I just used scans from the prima guide and used MS Paint to put the "Points of Conflict" in there.


Should be finishing this up over the next week or so, I've been bogged down at work so I haven't had any free time to work on the guide. Expect it finished shortly.

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