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Compared to Halo Reach legendary...


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Just finished Halo 2 on Legendary. Holy crap was it tough. Maybe worse than CoD: WaW.


Here are some views of my run through...


- Cairo Station and Gravemind were probably the hardest levels.

- Use short cuts. There are two notable shortcuts in Outskirts and Uprising allowing you to skip a good part of the level. Hard to describe where they are in text, but if anyone wants I can make a quick video showing you.

- There is a glitch to get the Banshee in the Control Room to kill Tarturus. Do it. Tarturus won't attack you while you're in a Banshee. If you like, I can also make a video for this.

- There are some battles you can run past completely or just find a good hiding spot until the Covenant/Flood kill each other. Only had one major battle in High Charity level because of this. Level was a lot less daunting than I thought it would be.

- Took maybe 10-20 hours to complete.


I played the last level three times, sucked ass. First time I finished but got disconnected and didn't know it so had to start again, second time tried the Banshee glitch but didn't work and killing Tarturus was too difficult, third time glitch worked and didn't disconnect.


Good luck to others attempting this.

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can anyone give me the 1-10 on the difficulty of halo 2 compared to the legendary run of Halo Reach cause i have done that for the achievement but i just want to know the difficulty based on compared to halo reach...



Halo 2 is the hardest campaign out of all the halos, with maybe the one exception of halo CE's Library.


But halo 2 coop (which you cannot do over Vista anyway) always has Iron skull on, which means if one person dies, you have to start over from last checkpoint.


(I've beaten halo 2 legendary campaign 5 times solo over the years completely through and select levels like 100 times. so I do have a lot of experience :) )

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In my opinion this is the hardest FPS Halo game on Legendary. If you are counting all of the games then I'd say Halo Wars.

Only one thing got on my nerves in Halo 2 Legendary, instant death when you were sniped...... from any where on your body. That's my only complaint.

Halo 2 is my favourite Halo game, and I am sad that it's multiplayer will truly be over, but the time has come for a sendoff. Rest in piece Halo 2, may the annoying guardians of matchmaking watch over you.

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It isn't that hard, it just takes a lot of time and practice. Everything spawns exactly at the same place every time. The ability of cloaking lets you skip some hard battles. And some well placed grenade jumps can make it a real breeze. It requires dedication. Some people without it would call this game hard. Though compared to any other halo this is the hardest.


For some real skilled speed runs check:



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