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This Game Sucks


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Guest CC99999

$59.99 on it.


Admittedly terrible, but I've gotten more out of it than some titles... looking your way Monster Madness.

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The "boss fight" is the most worthless piece of shit I've ever seen on my television screen.


How the hell was it designed anyways?


"The boss will keep going from one side to the other whenever you get close to him!"

"O ya! And reinforcements will come with him!"

"O! O! Check this out! One of the walls will be blown out and tanks will be firing through it!"

"Why stop there chicken fucker!?!?! LET'S HAVE ENEMIES POURING IN THROUGH THERE TOO!"

"Hellz yea!"

"Wonder-twins unite! Form of: shitty video game-ery!"


God I'm so glad I rented it....

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now i got 45/50 achievements on this game... 855/1000GS... omfg i hate this game so much... well the story cuz i did even bothered playing it above easy and to tell to truth i did die several times... its fucking ridiculous... easy mode is not easy... its like normal i think... well maybe cuz i rushed in every level to get it over with and well it did pay off cuz i finished the whole game with one character in like 20 minutes each... atleast i never have to touch the single player EVER AGAIN!

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