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This Game Sucks


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The "boss fight" is the most worthless piece of shit I've ever seen on my television screen.


How the hell was it designed anyways?


"The boss will keep going from one side to the other whenever you get close to him!"

"O ya! And reinforcements will come with him!"

"O! O! Check this out! One of the walls will be blown out and tanks will be firing through it!"

"Why stop there chicken fucker!?!?! LET'S HAVE ENEMIES POURING IN THROUGH THERE TOO!"

"Hellz yea!"

"Wonder-twins unite! Form of: shitty video game-ery!"


God I'm so glad I rented it....


^omg win. But yeah I bought it at gamestop for like $4, but I knew what I was getting myself into.

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Thankfully I received it as a gift, so I didn't pay any money for it. But I did just waste a good half-hour storming the castle and never did get to the end of that level. There should be more frequent checkpoints. I know, I know, everyone else says the game is so easy, but I can't get the aim sensitivity to a level I like. I don't remember finding it difficult before when I had played it in the past, but I am having a terrible time with this level.


Here I go again...wish me luck. (the things we suffer through for gamerscore)

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This is a prime example of a really crappy shooter game. Glitchy with extremely bad AI and some missions are ridiculously short like 3 minutes long. The tank controls are unbelievable. I think I have never played a game with as bad controls as the tank driving in this game. Thankfully I should finish the 1000 today. Throw it in a garbage bin rather than passing it over to someone else, that would be just rude. Or then just send it to your worst enemy and laugh. :D

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