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Riphade 1

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Anyone else feel that Grayson Hunt AND his Steve Blum voiced character should be a character/skin in Gears of War 3? He would TOTALLY fit in with the rest of the COGs. With his constant cursing, cocky attitude, and need for more gore, suits Gears well. Sorry, but I already love this character (probably more cause he's voiced by Wolverine, lol) and feel he should already be seen more. Anyway. Anyone else?

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I wouldn't mind it. I'd probably choose to play as him in Multiplayer if he was in it.


Also, I caught onto his voice becuase of Spike Spiegel and Mugen before I noticed he's also Wolverine. :p

Haha. To each his own, right? I knew he was Spike, but I grew up on the X-Men/Batman cartoon era. So it was an IMMEDIATE notice for me.

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