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Hello. I have a problem, well I think I have one, I don't know yet...I still have 2 chapters left to play.


Here is the thing. I finished the game on normal difficulty and then I started playing on Verry Hard. I went to chapter select and I play the chapters from 7-2 downwards (I like to do that :)) -I do this on every game.


So I started from 7-2 downwards, 7-1, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1 and so on. Oki now the problem is this (I will atach 1 or 2 pictures to see). I finish all the chapters on very hard (not yet 2 and 1) but when I select to play (for example chapter 6 again) The completed Difficulty is at Very Hard but the little yellow box is at normal. Is this oki? :confused:


Here are the pictures. Shouldn't the Very Hard difficulty be lighted? Whys is Normal? Is that something default?




No. If it says you've completed it on Very Hard then you have. When you select a difficulty Normal is always highlighted. When you select anything else it just goes to the next page. Then if you back up again, it'll still be on Normal.


As long as you select Very Hard and play the level/s from there on, all is ok. As shown by your pictures, it shows you've completed them on Very Hard!

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