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Achievement Trading Thread

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Thought I would edit my post as I've now done all the achievements and I keep getting messages/friend requests.


Please continue to use this thread to trade for online achievements.


Also, I've never made an Achievement Guide before but if anyone needs any help if and when making one, feel free to contact me.



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TO EVERYONE: Message me if you need a player for 1. Don't Touch The Car, and... 2. Colorblind Achievements


Those two are soooooooooooooooooooooooo much easier with 4 player co-op rather than the dumbass AI/CPU when you play solo. The only complaint I have of this game is the ally AI (not enemy/ghost AI). My guys spin around my corpse until we all 4 die and get a game over screen... Come one Be-Haviour and Atari! You can do better than that! Still love the game though, I was in love with Ghostbusters since 1988!


Add Me/Message Me - SalmonMan84 I will play co-op for the whole game too, but most important are the achievements.

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Looking to get FULL HOUSE if anybody's willing to help. Even if you need an extra person, let me know!


Will gladly return the favour.


Also if you just want to run through the campaign as well, that's fine :)


EDIT: Got it randomly :)

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