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Colorblind achievement?

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slime abomination is the big ghost who leaves a massive slime trail and can take you out in one hit pretty much. the first one I fought was in the 3rd level the sewers. in the room with the generator in the center.


they come in the colours of your weapons i.e. red, blue, yellow. so just shoot it with a colour that isnt the same as it is. example: if slime abomination is yellow, kill it with the blue or red fire modes.

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I got the achievement on the first slime monster you encounter on the third level. I used red, I think two of the AI's used blue, and I don't recall what third AI used, but I want to say it wasn't blue.


Weird I'm trying on the 1st one you encounter as well. I've done it 4 times and still no achievement. I know my AI is using yellow that's the only thing I can think of.

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