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About achievements not unlocking...


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I was just wondering before I grab this game if a fix was found yet for people who couldn't get their achievements to unlock properly - particularly, there seems to have been the achievement pop for the medals that people were just unable to obtain.


Is there a file for system data that you can delete to start over? Or is the information linked directly to the gamertag? I would assume one of two things...


1. If there is a system data thing somewhere in the hard drive, deleting it SHOULD clear the indicator for how many medals one has obtained.

2. Deleting everything related to the game, clearing the cache, then recovering the gamertag doesn't seem to work. But what if the game is played while offline? If that information is stored console-side, then there should be a way to delete it - otherwise, it's probably obtained from the XBox Live server.


Again, I'm just spitballing here because I don't actually have the game yet. Any idea if this works? I would go about and test it myself, but I'm not going to get this game if I can't obtain the full GS - but to be quite honest, this game isn't worth anything to me otherwise.

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I still have the problem, I didn't even start collecting medals and it already says I am 4/4 in each area. But you have to be connected to XBL to even get into the game, when offline you can only play the Trial version (which is pretty dumb) and I have also deleted and moved the game, cleared cache (There are no updates for this game?) and nothing seems to clear my 4/4 progression of the medals.

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