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Most viral achievements spread like wildfire. After a couple of weeks, it should be easy to achieve simply by joining random matches.


Yes it's easy in games like gta4 or red dead because you just have to kill someone who already has it but in the case of red river, you have to "HEAL" a development team member or someone who already has this achievement what could be really harder in a coop game. So first you have to find someone who has it in a coop game, he must die and last you have to heal him first; not that easy for me.


And I hope healing is not reserved to a medic class because everyone will be a medic. Just an assumption.


Or everyone will be healing everyone at the beginning of the game!!! Stupid.


Imo, it's a bad achievement that anyways will be boosted.

Or just hope there will be a bunch of developers at the start of the game.

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There seems to be a lot of complete ..... etc achievements which can always be obtained while enjoying the game. Doesn't seem to be any which will be a grind (usually don't bother going for those ones) The levelling up ones might be a reason to playthrough multiple times. Which is a good thing.

The viral one can probably been obtained after a few days, or maybe just check out this forum no doubt someone will get it and be willing to help others.

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Just looking at them now, they dont seem as hard as the first games. No difficulty achievements. Loved going through it on the hardcore and getting 100g for it :p

Yeah was just having a little look there, no difficulty related ones here. I haven't played Dragon Rising yet, literally just about to start it right now. Bought it today and hopefully going to hammer it out before this one gets released. I've heard some good stuff, so I hope I enjoy it. Been looking for a tactically realistic game for years.

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Yap, thats absolutly right


That is a good thing.


Nothing worse than having to play through shit games for hundreds of hours, or stupidly unrealisticly obtainable achievements.


Should be fine getting 1000 on this, all except the viral achievement.


Seeing as there is no multiplayer and I dont really intend on playing co-op with randoms I dont really see how anyone would end up with this unless they specifically hunted down someone with it.


Seeing as mygamercard.com died, I cant search leaderboards to see who has it. Otherwise I could gatecrash their game.

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